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2018 中国四十年改革回顾; FT review


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  • Jan, 2nd child 二胎
  • Mar: LAYu Huan 于欢29 Kev begins to work Manhasset
  • Apr: 雄安 Baoding23 Alan Chow in NY; 25 Yue Miao wired in her $500k26 Winnie came after her hot yoga
  • Nov 21 my left side of rib or meat was hurt, had to see Dr. Zheng $60 the following day 23 Granma, Julie, Kristin/Mike, Victoria came
  • Dec 12 dentist Dr Petal cleaned herself; splash – water was all over me … 15 Dad got hair cut at the same Cool Hair 135-31 40th Rd but with new owner. I called the old one(646) 591-1113 who said she had fight with landlord; looking in LI; her hubby gambled; she was one of 3 owners, had no voice; the salon was office space; the new owner is liked fooled by landlord as she was; there was a death, a prostitute jumped or slipped from the roof when police raided the place. The police asked her to close the door “How can I do business with door closed?” Chinese cheat Chinese. 20 visited Dr. Gudeon for my right 2nd toe – bad nail, big toe a little painful on the outer side. Nothing serious.  24 Equinox shower incident. 28 out of oil$287.85 by Ryan Anthony – really cold these few days. 30 change Kohler faucet

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