on my writing

Raia King: what do you want to people to take away from reading your book? What’s the message?
Bobbi: Irrespective of whether we are writing fiction or non-fiction, there has to be transformation
Madalyn Prologue should be written in present tense.

Stacy on bathhouse

  • You have some really beautiful, evocative 唤起的 writing here.
  • Right now you have lush descriptions, which are very sensual and evocative to read;
  • you’re good at setting scene. Now you just have to put characters into it and let them do something.
  • This piece is the strongest when people talk to each other.
  • The way you structured the narrative works quite well, but ask yourself this: is the narrator’s objective clear? Does she get the thing she wants? If not, what stands in her way? How does she change in the course of the story you told?

~~ every compelling character has an objective, an obstacle, and a secret. ~~

Syntax 句法 (sentence structure):

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