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Mom is a strong word for me because I lost her to suicide when I was only seven years old.

2019.1.12, as we’re having hotpot, Gordon came up with the term popular history

Writing comes more easily if you have something to say. ~ Sholem Asch

Google Drive grid | link | year 1552-now;

IMG_5274Hillary;  Popopicture: 4 family branch proposalZhou money/Liu power/Lv sex/Zhang violence: not necessarily in this order but

books: (icon of that book)

  1. Books draft reads by others. Tie Ins; list of short bio k1980; Book Grids google/Books, 科举;
  2. this old family tree: kibitzer 34616 on I started this project; putting my stamp + Zhou
  3. see above Zhou/Hoover
  4. Finances: tagline money, power and sex; the page
  5. Faithful page : tag line; concise; TOC; more details on ; the American Dream; schools – we both have kids;
  6. tennis ball From Red Door to ennis;
  7. The Heathen Son  link  – 刘秉璋/陈道明?: foreigners, missionaries, violence; Gutian; sanctimonious
  8. icon 良字军 202 of Ma  Rise of A Mandarin 进士 as bonus
  9. The Last Concubine – molested ok;
  10. Mom
  11. my music book
  12. YMY 圆明园 12 bronze Chinese zodiac statues
  13. $$$ currency book
  14. see above – while working on it
  15. Schools in USA – failed as a parent; $4 mil Korean; redshirting
  16. 人大附 Rendafu 35 years since
  17. Li Hongzhang
  18. U235, Bonn, Nazi Germany, USA ..
  19. Ke Ke: 9/12/12

  1. What happened?
  2. Who was involved?
  3. Where did it take place?
  4. When did it take place?
  5. Why did that happen?
  6. How did it happen?


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