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耄年忆往 2000, Lucy | Xiaoyi 小姨 Jimmy / Milan | | Mavis Chu 胡曼滋 | Cecilia Liu 刘嵘 | DNA | (702) 375-0334 |

Bobby married 2019.3.09 

  • 2019.7.30 My sister recently told me about how our grandfather abused our mom

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  • 2019.8.04 Sun  Hope in 2020! I booked my flights to China in early July, thinking I had all my business and base covered. They’re cheap flights that stop at Seattle (on the way to Beijing) and LA or SFO on the way back. I think I’ll order a kit for my dad – so stop by SFO is a good choice. Now after speaking to a couple of my dna relatives, one lives in Seattle that made me so torn for not stopping at Seattle for longer period.
  • 2019.8.02 Fri I actually heard it from my mom before she died. She told me that it happened once and did not get very far. In retrospect, she may have been trying to protect me. I was still pretty young. Then my sister told me that she had a conversation with our mom about it. But, this is all from 20 years ago. Then I heard more recently that it was more serious than I understood. I have not spoken with Uncle Jimmy about it. I’m not sure how my sister will respond regarding the DNA request. I’ll think about it. I look forward to that coffee.
  • 2019.7.30 Tue  Thank you for your kind word. Your grandfather wasn’t the only evil in the family. I didn’t know your mom well. The very few times we had met, she seemed kind and gentle. The dark coffee colored handheld blender she gave me, had been in use till a couple of years ago. I threw it away when I misplaced the two blades (?) and thought I had lost them – oh well, typically me …  May I ask when, fm whom and where did you hear the rumor? Does Uncle Jimmy know?  I just learned that Steph did dna at 23andme, however she turned herself off – meaning no one could find her even if we’re dna relative. Is there a way you could talk her into turning on for a brief time or look me up? Pls don’t take this dna thing as pressure -> I told you what I have, am at peace – knowing that I tried. (also totally understand, not everyone is interested to find out about the past… I’m cool with that.) As for that cup of coffee, count me in. I’m the only child, and would never turn down a contact with a relative. Thank you for your help.
  • 2019.7.29 Monday 10:45am – abuse  Good morning Bobby. I gave it a thought and decided to share the other half of the reason for your DNA. Your grandpa had abused your mom, my mom and my aunt (mom’s sister). I CAN’T believe that one can so evil as to sexually abuse his own biological daughter. The abuse was real; it happened repeatedly. Aunt Mavis admitted that Milan told her on her deathbed of the abuse. I learned from my aunt years ago but wasn’t ready to face it, until now – when I asked you for Mavis’s contact info. I totally have no idea what she would say or even would reply to me. Both news I’ve checked with Aunt Mavis who said you knew … so I’m not the hell raiser.  According to Mavis, Grandma Lucy was attentive and took the subway and train to visit Milan very often near the end. So no matter what relationship Milan had with her mother in prior years, Milan was loved by her mom at the end.
    By the way, I haven’t seen Steph for many decades, except the short email changes a little while ago, I was very taken aback at her tone and manner … she needs help. I sympathize with her bec I was very angry myself (not as severe as to tell people to their face to butt off but I was miserable).  Sports and genealogy are tremendous healing tool for me. Wish she could find her medicine and be at peace.
    Thank you for sharing. I can only imagine how painful that must be. My sister recently told me about how our grandfather abused our mom. I had heard rumors, but did not realize the truth. Very sad. My mother lived a very painful life. I am sorry for the pain this has caused you and your family, as well. My sister is working on things. Thank you for understanding.
  • 2019.7.28 Sunday: do DNA … let’s have coffee to know u better 
    • Hope all is well with you and family. A question, as you know I’ve been at genealogy for a long time, and trying to make it as accurate as possible. Wondering if you also heard the (adoption) rumor? Is it true? Aunt Mavis said she heard the rumor too but does not know the truth. So I think your DNA test will resolve the issue. (I’ve just done at 23andme) Pls consider it. Thank you in advance!
      Which adoption rumor? Is this regarding my mother? Pretty sure that it is untrue.
      Yes about your mom. How do you know it’s untrue?
      1) My grandmother denied it. 2) The origin of the rumor appeared to be from my mother’s insecurities. 3) There was no evidence. 4) Family resemblance. I suppose that I can’t say that I “know” it’s untrue as I have no DNA evidence. Based on the evidence, it always seemed like the “rumor” was a product of my mother’s anxieties. I never independently heard about it from anyone else.
      Actually I’ve heard it before from two different sources; Mavis said she also heard the rumor in Beijing; she asked my aunt and her husband but they wouldn’t give her a direct answer.
      Who are your sources?
      A grandma in Beijing where I heard in the 1970s and an aunt in Hong Kong – you may know her Mrs Lin (Salim’s mother)
      Salim’s mother used to live with my family – that incl your grandma Lucy – while worked in Beijing.
      They both said that my mother was adopted, or they both said they heard the rumor?
      They both said “adopted”
      I see
      I’m sorry … but I do NOT wish any pain to you.
      I just want to solve this long running issue
      You did not cause any pain. I honestly don’t see how it makes any difference to me one way or the other. She was my mother and I love her either way. I can understand why you might want to resolve the issue. I must say, however, that if you do not wish to cause pain, I don’t think you should be asking these questions via text message. Too much potential for misunderstanding.
      … my English is poor, either in speaking and writing but I feel writing to you is easier, gives you time to consider.
      If you would consider it, I’ll pay for the kit, as a good gesture?
      I see. I understand your concerns about language. Why don’t we have lunch or coffee the next time we are in the same city? I would like to get to know you better. Thank you for the gesture of good will. In general, I am not interested in getting a DNA test. I have privacy concerns. But, I will think about it. No need for you to pay, though. 🙂
      Sure … now I’m regretting chose San Francisco to stop by in Nov, instead LA
      My paternal grandpa was adopted. And I hope to find his root *
      I understand. Let me know the next time you are in LA.
      Ok .. will do.
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Pine tree, door,

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[Shake] 谢谢[Sticker]

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有时间看看上面[Sticker]的材料 14 条时间顺序 和 8 个问题?

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挂衣服的那面 是北房,五姨的家?

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这是北长街 还是西四? 是大门吧?

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xujin 8:36 PM

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谢谢。二门比大门漂亮 – 现在二门已经没有了吧?

xujin 6:59 AM

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196 号不是你家的一部分?

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变电站 没有照到 …

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变电站是为交通队自己服务 还是为西四区的居民提供服务?

xujin 7:54 AM

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非常想知道 法院是根据什么证据判一半给庆明的妈妈的?

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有房契的照片分享一下?很多年前见过一个朋友的 但是那时没有手机拍照 [Grin] 就记得非常漂亮 旧旧的 彩色 设计的很好看

xujin 8:36 AM

5 miscarriages; my grandpa abused my mom

耄年忆往 2000, Lucy | Xiaoyi 小姨 Jimmy / Milan | Bobby  | Mavis Chu 胡曼滋 | Cecilia Liu 刘嵘 | DNA |

Two long phone calls from her on 2019.7.28 got my DNA 7.27; Bobby; 

  • The fist one in the AM: Lucy had five miscarriages in six years… = so they had normal marriage …
  • the second one at 8pm: ‘my grandpa abused my mom‘ … I can’t wait to tell you: my daughter told me, Steph said she had taken her profile off line on 23andme due to privacy concern “that’s why you couldn’t find her”… My daughter said, “I heard rumor that your mom was adopted ..” Steph then told my daughter and son: “Yes, I heard it too … you may think my mom was kind and gentle but she was crude to me, treated me terribly. ‘You get out … I don’t want to be seen with you … you’re fat … “
  • Another possibility: I know a friend of a friend in HK who is compiling a DNA databank for Asian women with breast cancer. Look up Ava Kwong asia tatler  in HK. I could use that as excuse and ask for Jimmy ‘s DNA since his sister had b cancer; pretending that I never suspected Milan was adopted. You think it’s worth all the effort! Since you already accepted the adoption as a fact proven by your 124&me
  • Diana was Jimmy’s high school sweetheart, since 16 … “I paid $1 for the fabric and made this shirt myself” Jim wasn’t please “Why did you have to tell people it’s $1?”
  • Milan went to Marymount catholic school “but my family will pay for my brother’s expensive education … even go bankrupt …”
  • 1993, Youtang 四姐 was in NY: I’ve saved up $10,000 my goal is $20k, if I’ve that, the rest of my life would be taken care of.” When Lucy went to Seattle, YT stayed in NY, found a job to make dumplings: 20¢ for a dumpling and 50¢ for xiaolongbao – had to make the skin. YT worked half day, making $25. She used Lucy’s senior card, paying half the subway fare. The dumpling female boss treated her to a lunch every day. So she didn’t have much expenses.
  • YT asked me to write to Zhang Kai, about her making dumpling bec she didn’t know how to buy stamps … as if to say “I make more money”

text message:

  • You need another relative’s DNA because you HAVE to rule out the possibility, however remote, that you yourself is not a biological 呂氏下代人。or that your DNA was somehow mixed up. In scientific proof this is what you need to do to be 100% positive about the testing. In other words: if you want to prove the relationship between A B and C, you need to prove retionship
  • My daughter and son are meeting Steph today for movie and dinner. It’s a cousins thing they do once in a while. I encourage it. So I asked Christine, my daughter to ask S casually if Ed showed up on her relative list on 123&Me AND how many relatives showed up? Any surprises? Hopefully this will open the door for a candid discussion among the younger generation. It would be a GREAT 收獲if she says other members (Jimmy or his kids) of family had DNA done also. Good strategy?
  • Ed is my 大哥的兒子 Edward Hoo or Ed Hoo. 他母親是巴西白人。有可能他用他的外國名。Eduardo Hoo
  • Even though Joe was working in China when L died, he was a very 尊重中國傳統禮教的人。not surprised if he did go to Seattle for funeral.
  • Joe always thought Jimmy to be a spoiled brat. They didn’t see / contact each other much after Milan’s death. So we were surprised he came to Joe’s funeral.
  • Another possibility: I know a friend of a friend in HK who is compiling a DNA databank for Asian women with breast cancer. Look up Ava Kwong in HK. I could use that as excuse and ask for Jimmy ‘s DNA since his sister had b cancer; pretending that I never suspected Milan was adopted. You think it’s worth all the effort! Since you already accepted the adoption as a fact proven by your 124&me


Popo | siheyuan 家 | 果匣胡同 北京 |

2018-07-05  | 李天际/北京青年报

  • 果匣胡同 -> 明珠商场西侧的小路就是果匣胡同

北京多条老胡同恢复旧名。 北京晚报 图
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Xiaoyi: Popo; Qixin, moving out

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这事你要问你大臼、因为我67年结婚后就什么假都没有,探亲假没有,春节,5.1、10.1都不放假,你妈死后大臼家被动物所查抄 ,动物所胁迫学校隔离审查大臼、也有查信寄到呼和,所以我和北京谁都没有联系,那时没有电话手机,不敢写信,我曾给庆淑弟々往单位寄过一信,想他知道我家情况,但他没回信,怕株连、20多年后我曽问他收到信为什么不回?他说不敢回!我71年从呼和调石家庄,过北京才知你爷己迁至西铁匠,估计是因为钱的禸题,你妈每月给他们45元生活费你妈死后他们没有收入 ,和港美国没有通讯,萱66年生,鹏67年生, 大白被隔离没有工资,你婆婆一人看不了两个孩子,庆淑希望你爷奶看,但没有錢、他们认为不给钱没收入不能喝西北风、吵了架 ,鹏送庆淑大妈家她不工作。女儿当工人,每月2元 ,所以现在鹏与这个姨很亲,可能因为錢吵架他们搬出去给当官的看孩子 一月12元 你婆々给5元,凑合过日子、70年代后三姑婆虽也不富裕但可通过王大姐寄点奶粉来了!

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婆婆是从她的退休金里给爷爷?… 婆婆是不是在她四舅的启新小学任校长?

吕友棠 11:50 PM

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婆婆49年以前在北京六中工作是四姑爷在抗战胜利后来北京任北京教育局长时安排的,那时我爷々已死、我奶々卖了糖房胡同的房子分给儿女们,儿子的财产中有我们三人的教育费和给孙辈的参政房子(但只写了大舅一个人的名字) ,为防在她去世前你爷变卖、那时你爷有杨姨錢姨两个姨太々、你婆不甘忍辱只能带我们三个人租房另过,没有收入,每天去参政混饭、交不上学费就逃学、四姑父到京后,看我们可怜,婆々有文化可以工作,就介见到六中、49年后因是国民党人介绍的被介聘.才又由她的亲戚介绍到啟新小学当事务,不是校长:,不讲课,管学校的一切事务,如刻蜡板印考卷发工资修桌椅冬天卖煤春天拆炉子……校内有一厨师一工友管,做饭打上下课铃下课后住校看管校园,所以很少回家

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婆婆 [Hug][Hug][Heart][Heart][Cry]

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我记得八舅爷爷在天津 来我二姑姑家找我 … 他们把我藏起来

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[一位普通中国工人退休后在美国养老的真实经历,令人感慨! :]

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哦 不好意思 再提

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您上衣的白条是什么? 女八中?

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大概就是这些. 谢谢您. 仁舅现在在北京还是洛杉矶?美南的儿子今年结婚了

吕友棠 8:35 PM

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前百户的西屋也出租了?记得一间是厨房 近厕所的那间是放杂物的

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东西屋各2间房子 对吧?西屋近的一间是厨房 对吧?不记得西屋也出租了… 1968我就离开了. 再回来已经是10年后 1978年了

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喔 是硪 我完全搞错了

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…爷爷是66年文革后被哄无家可归、住到前百户的 … 爷爷为什么被轰出参政?

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是呀… 那时的事 现在看简直想不通!斌姨家 西四的房子要卖?完全收回来了吗?

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 8:57 PM
一直想不通:被轰出去后,如果真的没有地方住 该什么办? 好像也没有看到什么人住街上的.

直皖战争 Zhili-Anhui War 直奉战争

Xiaomin | Lucy‘s 耄年忆往 zhili | | | |

  • 1920, 直皖战争 history + wiki Zhili Anhui War .. Liu Zhilong
  • 1922, 第一次直奉战争 wiki the 1st Zhili Fengtian War 
  • 1924, 2nd Zhili Fengtian War wiki @ pg 09 per Lucy‘s 耄年忆往
  • 冯玉祥又派 刘之龙  与段祺瑞商谈合作的办法
  • 冯玉祥断定时机已至,于是派刘之龙返京与黄郛密商。黄郛除托刘之龙带去复信外


百年潮 | 秋早文学 | 2004 年第2期 作者:李建军 纪红建 | 草亭秘议

  • 1920 July 14-23:直皖战争 wiki Zhili-Anhui War 
  • 1922 4.10-6.18: 第一次直奉战争 wiki Zhili-Fengtian War 
  • 冯玉祥只担任陆军检阅使一个闲差。他除在北京南苑练兵外
  • 9月17日,吴佩孚抵达北京。9月18日,北京政府发布了对张作霖的讨伐令
  • 孙岳、
  • 张绍曾 Zhang Shaozeng
  • 黄郛 Huang Fu 
  • 胡景翼
  • 吴佩孚
  • 段祺瑞
  • 胡笠僧(即胡景翼)
  • 李钟三、岳维峻
  • 曹锟
  • 张方严
  • 鹿钟麟
  • 孙良诚
  • 张维玺
  • 蒋鸿遇旅会同入城
  • 李鸣钟
  • 张之江、宋哲元
  • 张俊声
  • 北京城内的旃坛寺
  • 刘郁芬
  • 10月25日,冯玉祥在北苑召开军事政治会议
  • 吴光杰
  • 薛之珩
  • 聂宪藩
  • 颜惠庆
  • 王正廷
  • 王永江
  • 杜锡
  • 张耀曾
  • 王斌
  • 李书城
  • 罗开榜
  • 鹿钟麟、张璧会、李煜瀛等人直往溥仪住处
  • 罗开榜
  • 张作霖
  • 段祺瑞和张作霖表面上点头表示赞成,但心里却是早有打算
  • 皖系的卢永祥、吴光新和奉系的杨宇霆显得异常活跃,
  • 王承斌与冯玉祥一同参与政变,最后落到如此下场,冯玉祥心里颇感寒心,
  • 张作霖背信弃义引起冯玉祥的极大不满
  • 吴光新
  • 卢永祥

big pic

  1. 直皖战争和第一次直奉战争后,直系军阀控制了北京中央政权,直系军阀首领吴佩孚在北洋军阀中成为继袁世凯、段祺瑞以后的突出人物。就在第二次直奉战争一触即发的紧急关头,当时除孙中山、张作霖和卢永祥三角同盟之外,也形成了冯玉祥、胡景翼、孙岳等联合反吴的三角同盟,对吴佩孚构成了极大的威胁。一场政变在酝酿之中。
  2. 一席话,说得孙岳振奋起来,他坚决地对冯玉祥说:“你若是决定这样干,我必竭尽全力相助。此外,还有胡笠僧(即胡景翼)也定然愿和我们合作,我可以负责去接洽。他们现在都郁郁不得志,对曹、吴的做法早已深恶痛绝
  3. 1924年9月15日,奉军分向朝阳、山海关进兵。曹锟急召吴佩孚到北京主持对奉作战任务。
  4. ..








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Tangfang Hutong 糖房胡同

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Sugar Workshop Alley

  • 1867 map
  • 19? – 1942: 北京西城糖房胡同8号 buy fm 黄郛 Lucy7, 8, 38 ; 北堂 Xishiku Cathedral 西什库天主堂 @ 33 Xishiku St wiki per Jiujiu 糖房胡同现在叫大方胡同 2012.8.15
    • zh wiki  .. screenshot 大方胡同是位于中国北京市西城区东部的一条胡同。现已拓宽改建为交通干道
      大方胡同原来西起宣武门内大街,中间先向南折,再向东折,东至油坊胡同。2000年代经过拓宽改造,西起宣武门内大街,东到未英胡同,与新壁街连接。清朝时,此处因有制糖作坊而名“糖坊胡同”。中华民国时期,更名为“糖房胡同”。 1965年定名“大方胡同
  • ..

Guoxia Hutong 果匣

Popo | siheyuan 家 @ 北京 | 果匣胡同=明珠商场西侧的小路 

Fruitbox Alley

火匣子胡同: 小石虎胡同一览 2018.6.07

  • 西单果匣胡同是北侧的一条南北曲折走向的死胡同原来名为火匣子胡同,后来谐音改称果匣胡同。
  • 北京有四处石虎胡同: ②西单北大街路西




西单商业区经过北京疏解整治: 曾经小吃街已经取消, 有些店铺空置 | 转载自百家号作者: 小喵奇谈























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Steph says Lucy knew

耄年忆往 2000, Lucy | Xiaoyi 小姨 Jimmy / Milan | Bobby married 2019.3.09 | Mavis Chu 胡曼滋 | Cecilia Liu 刘嵘 |

2019.5.14 Tue


  • Did it occur to you that Jimmy might not be the son of Mr and Mrs Wu? I don’t think they shared a bed!! Terrible thought!!😱The plot thickens!!
  • 我的经历没对三姑姿说岶他生气打架也很可怜同情他有这么1个丈夫自己苎在鼓里却还要忍辱偷生 bear insults。这种男人一般都是老婆不在身边或不让碰、心中也有怨恨报复对她的亲属?I never told Lucy about my experience, was afraid she would get mad and they would have a fight. I pitied her to have a such husband, to bear insult. This kind of man is usually away from his wife or his wife does not let him to touch her, so he has resentment against her sought revenge on her relatives ? … 只是不说、不敢说、无人可说而己。
  • If you know your husband to be a pedophile, would you share a bed with him? Steph says Lucy knew
  • Aaah! Now I understand why Milan never left Steph andBob for the Wu to babysit
  • Puzzle : she was popular , pretty and rich. Many suitors. How come not married till 31 and then it’s to a guy who was below her social status. Not wealthy. Married before with a daughter.
  • Milan told me: he said “媽媽不爱你 我愛你” then proceeded to do everything to her!
  • I was so shocked when M told me, I didn’t ask any questions. Like : When did it stop? Did you tell your mom?
  • I wonder how did Steph find out? Did M tell her and why? Remember Steph left home when Milan’s cancer came back the second time.
  • 若謙 her dad said of Steph: she had an inferiority complex because all of her cousins are doing well at work and she had been unemployed for 2+ years before his death. She bought a condo and it turned out the building needed major repairs and no one was allowed to live there during the couple of years of law suits and repairs. So she stayed in CT her dad’s home while he’s in China.  With inheritance she only does freelance work
  • I was so shocked when M told me, I didn’t ask any questions. Like : When did it stop? Did you tell your mom?
  • ..


Xiao Jin

Xiaomin | Lucy‘s 耄年忆往 zhili | Chongbin pix | Lucy & her book  | Mom | Yeye | siheyuan 家 | Lily | house on Google Map |

2019.5.01, 爸爸是新中国成立后,回来的第一批留学生
2019.5.12, (Wuyi) 得了骨结核。那时结核病治不了,四姨和五姨都得了结核病,四姨是肺结核去世了。五姨是骨结核
2019.5.13, 二姑奶奶和外祖父全家随他们的爸爸妈妈在抗战时从北京搬到重庆,在重庆认识了她的丈夫,是坦克团的团长。抗战后没回北京。后来去了台湾,后去美国。

许绍高: 国外学会代表、国际热处理与表面工程联合会

Chongbin 崇斌   | undated | 国外学会代表、国际热处理与表面工程联合会

  • 鲁迅的太太是爸爸父亲的表姐..
  • baiku 1942年毕业于交通大学机械系。1945年赴英国学习,1949年回国
  • 国际热处理与表面 –  Int’l Fed of Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering.
  • Prof. Tom Bell 1983-1984; University of Birmingham, Birmingham, (UK) 
  • 中国机械工程学会 CMES since 1936 … 秘书长 Secretary General
  • Xu @ 曼彻斯特大学 The University of Manchester

前主席汤姆.贝尔的贺词 ex-president 

今天我们欢聚一堂,共同庆祝中国机械工程学会成立70周年 2006。在此,请允许我代表所有外籍会员,包括荣誉会员和所有的会员,与大家一起分享我和中国机械工程学会几十年的友谊。我相信和我一样,所有海外会员与中国机械工程学会的个人合作交往令人激动和满意。我和中国机械工程学会的友谊始于与已故前任秘书长许绍高先生的接触。许绍高先生在上个世纪30年代和一些年轻的中国工程师来到英国曼彻斯特大学学习,这些工程师与中国机械工程学会的创办者们都有着密切联系。


Xu Jin Xiao

Chongbin | Lü Xiaomin | Lucy | Mom | Yeye | LinkedIn|

  • 2019.4.28, 想了想 … 还是问一下好了:能不能问问妈妈 子美舅的爸爸 有没有骚扰过你妈妈?以前我自己问过你妈妈,小迎 小黛 都说替我问过,回答是 “没有”. 最近我和曼滋 – 胡若谦的妹妹 (胡是子美的姐夫)开始来往 她说她知道子美爸爸性骚扰的事 … 我是想知道:我妈妈有没有和你妈妈说过这些?我的出发点是想了解我妈妈… 谢谢

The text and image chat history between “xujin” and “[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker]” is as follows.

  • 西四北大街194号; 整个院子大概900平方米, 其中院子差不多一半; 三进的 48间
  • 最早西四房本上是刘智龙
  • 好像是52年卖的。据妈妈讲,这是妈妈的爷爷盖的,后窗就能看到故宫护城河  Forbidden City Moat,冬天,翻窗就可在护城河滑冰。盖了两套,一套卖给了李宗仁。解放后,好像董必武要住,就卖了,具体谁住就不清楚了。
  • 刘之龙,冯玉祥的参谋长
  • 董必武 Dong Biwu 1886-1975

————— 2019-4-25 —————

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 11:00 PM

xujin 11:01 PM

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 11:03 PM
谢谢。你家以前在北长街的房子 是在中南海 和故宫之间的街上 是吧?

xujin 11:04 PM

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 11:04 PM
是 – 看三姑婆的回忆录 被迫卖的 [Cry]

xujin 11:04 PM

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 11:05 PM

xujin 11:05 PM

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 11:06 PM

xujin 11:07 PM

xujin 11:11 PM

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 11:15 PM

xujin 11:16 PM

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 11:17 PM

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 11:18 PM

xujin 11:25 PM

xujin 11:27 PM

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 11:27 PM
刘 Liu 有没有?

xujin 11:27 PM

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 11:28 PM

xujin 11:28 PM

xujin 11:29 PM

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 11:33 PM

xujin 11:34 PM

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 11:35 PM
刘之龙 盖的房子. 冯的人来看刘震东

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 11:36 PM
没有吕家人的事 [Grin]

xujin 11:38 PM

————— 2019-4-26 —————

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 11:12 AM
几间事相求:去看妈妈时问问问她爷爷的名字 – 觉得他一定会在上面那个名单里

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 11:13 AM
2 请找找家里的旧照片 分享 尤其你们在北长街的

xujin 11:14 AM

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 11:15 AM
3 能讲讲西四房子的故事吗? 那是一个时代的故事. 还有以前的照片吗?我记得去你家 永远走不完 [Joyful] 有一次玩 捉迷藏 我自己出不来了 [Grin]

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 11:15 AM

xujin 11:20 AM

xujin 11:22 AM

The text and image chat history between “xujin” and “[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker]” is as follows.

————— 2019-4-26 —————

xujin 11:22 AM

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 11:27 AM
有时间请讲讲… 不记下来可惜… 你们一家人是我知道的亲戚中最开心 也善良的人. 我大概十年前认识了一个我爸爸的姑 (小姨太生的所以比我爸爸还小3岁)她家也是开心和睦 … 我看着也开心 [Joyful][Sob] 就是那个每年磕头的. 中国的苦难太多太多了 快乐幸福的家庭是少数

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 12:11 PM
另外 问问妈妈:刘之龙 是不是和吕均 认识?同事 然后成为亲家

xujin 10:58 PM

xujin 11:01 PM

xujin 11:02 PM

xujin 11:04 PM

xujin 11:04 PM

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 11:06 PM
庆明 – 我见过她一次 – 她比我还怪 [Grin][Grin] 所以我们不来往

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 11:07 PM

xujin 11:20 PM

xujin 11:25 PM


The text and image chat history between “xujin” and “[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker]” is as follows.

—————  2019-4-28  —————

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 9:06 AM
我见过五姨的女儿一次,有点胖 她男朋友还是老公比较瘦。他们现在住在那里?记得周围的邻居都凶吧吧的

xujin 9:28 AM

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 9:49 AM

xujin 10:10 AM

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 10:30 AM

xujin 10:39 AM

Wang Xiangyun 王祥云

Wang kuangzhi | Mom | CulRev | Wang Xiangyun 王祥云

The text and image message history of the WeChat group “☁️姐姐们” is as follows.

————— 2019-3-20 —————

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 6:17 PM
我妈死后 动物所 去常华(在中央乐团)外调过。他们是去外调我妈 还是我爸?

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 6:19 PM
外调 -》内查外调,总是在人被关押后 或者死后 才去外调. 对吗?

yun 6:59 PM

yun 7:00 PM

yun 7:02 PM

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 7:07 PM

yun 7:10 PM

yun 7:13 PM

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 8:58 PM
我妈妈除了说些错话 还有什么罪?

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 8:59 PM
马是真有婚外恋 还是别人报复?

yun 9:09 PM

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 9:10 PM

yun 9:11 PM

yun 9:12 PM

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 9:13 PM

yun 9:20 PM

王彤云 9:21 PM

yun 9:23 PM

王彤云 9:58 PM

王彤云 10:02 PM

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 10:05 PM
谢 是不是挺胖的女会计?

王彤云 10:06 PM

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 10:07 PM
男的还是女的?名字熟悉 就是想不起来长什么样了

王彤云 10:17 PM

王彤云 10:18 PM

王彤云 10:18 PM

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 10:26 PM
记得有个女的 胖胖的 戴眼镜 短头发 … 我每个月10元就是去她那里拿

王彤云 10:32 PM

王彤云 10:34 PM

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 10:34 PM

[Sticker] [Sticker]Irene 凝 [Sticker][Sticker] 10:36 PM
真恐怖 … 记得清清楚楚 我去到她的办公室 … 她说 “你妈妈在这里有点钱 … 知道你爸爸给你很少 …”

3000 yuan

¥Mom | Concubine |

Milan was very nervous at the border crossing, from Shenzhen to Hong Kong in 1957. [Lucy p163-4, 167] Her family had left for macau months earlier. Now she had finished her middle school and went to meet them by herself. The reason that made her flustered was the jewelry she was carrying. Her mother Lucy had sewed many small pockets inside a jacket to hide her sparkles and gold watches. Milan was wearing that jacket.
“Do you have anything to declare?” The Chinese border controller asked.
“Hmmmm … no.” She said.
The controller looked at her and just about to let her go.
“Ok, I’ve something on me.” Milan confessed tensely. She was too young to manage her nerve. She revealed her jacket. They took the jewelry and let her go without any punishment.
“You did the right thing.” They said. “Have someone come by to pick these jewelry up.” China didn’t conforsacate the jewelry but to prevent them to leave the country.
Lucy was furious, “who told you to volunteer? We need them to live on.” She beat Milan up so bad, she couldn’t walk for days. [Mavis phone conversation 2019.4.04 ]
Lucy asked Mom for help. “Please go to retrieve the jewelry. I’ll be back soon to collect them.” She knew the hardship ahead when she moved to Macau and these jewelry was her last defense.
Mom sent her friend who lived in Guangzhou to claim the jewelry, thinking Lucy would come shortly. But years had gone by and Lucy and her family had immigrated to US and settled in New York in 1963. Mom reported this matter to Zoology Institute willingly. They offered her to attend a conference in Guangzhou in 1962, so she could collect the box. She kept it in her office. It was a known fact since.
However, during the Cultural Revolution, the box became fuse. It was an strong evident for Mom’s espionage accusation. Jealousy mingled with backstabbing furor, Mom was jailed. Zoology Institute conforsaked it and sold to a bank for a little over ¥3,000.
Dad had attempted to claim it every time he went to the Institute to trying to rehabilitate Mom. One day after I began to live by myself, a cadre called me into her office. She was someone I knew around the compound. Pretty chubby that came with middle age, she worn her hair short. Her clear frame eyeglasses was always rest on the middle of her nose. “Do you know why I call you in?” She pushed up her eyeglasses.
“No, I don’t.” Her office looked out to the front courtyard, directly at the reception office by the main entrance. I would learn decades later that my Mom spent the last few months in the room next to the reception office. I would also learn recently that this lady was the secretary of the Director of the Zoology Institute and made his life a hell during the CulRev. She was also the ‘jail warden’ who watched over my Mom, and prevented people from seeing my Mom. [Wang #90861 ] Of course at that time I had no idea.
“You know your Mom left some money, about three thousand.”
I nodded. It was an astronomical amount.
“Your father had asked for it many time but we think it belonged to you. We see that your father gives you very little monthly allowance.” Auntie Spalding was famous for having a big mouth. The universe of the Institute knew how much I was getting from my Dad.
“After a meeting, we decided to let you tap into your mother’s fund.”
“Sure.” I had no idea that Dad had been lobbying for this sum.
“How much do you need?”
“I don’t know.”
“Hmmm … how about we started ¥10 a month?”
“Ok.” This would nearly double my allowance.
“If you need extra, just come and ask me.” She took out an envelope and handed me. I couldn’t remember if she had asked me to sign.
Although I thought of buy a bicycle or even a television, but I did and stuck to the ¥10 a month for about two years.
After I was reunited with Nainai, Dad and Jiujiu took me to meet with the Zoology Institute, to rehabilitate Mom.
I knew the female cadre who represented the Institute at the meeting. She was a high ranking administrative officer, able and to the point. Jiujiu told me to take note, and began to say, “The Gang of Four was ousted, you should rehabilitate my wrongfully accused sister.”
“Really?” She opened her thick folder and looked at a page. “But you were the one who accused her.”
I kept my head down, and regretted coming. But I didn’t have any say in anything. I was a mere pawn on the chessboard. I felt embarrassed by my family, in front of her whom I knew very sharp. We saw each other often and she, although never said a word to me but she wasn’t unfriendly. As the official cohort of the Institute, she simply tolerated me, the daughter of counter-revolutionary, my daily presence at the canteen and many times in the office building. My alliance of course should be on Dad and jiujiu’s side but in the bottom of my heart, I couldn’t decide.
“What about the three thousand yuan?” Jiujiu changed the subject.
“What about it?” She asked.
“That out to be returned.”
“That money is her daughter.” She looked at my direction. “And she has been withdrawing from it for some time.”
This set off a bomb. Dad and Jiujiu were were outraged. At me.
Dad pointed his index finger at me, “WHO said you could withdraw from it?”
Jiujiu said, “IT isn’t your mother’s money. It IS Grandaunt Lucy’s.”
Lady Cadre got up, snapped her folder closed and left the room without a word.
The family feud spilling out from the meeting room to the bus stop.
Dad depended on Lucy to get him out of China, he couldn’t afford to offend her.
Jiujiu depended on Lucy to financially support his father, and he was her gatekeeper in China, watching over her affairs. Any amount I had withdrew meant that much less for him.
But China’s policy to play nice to everyone except their own citizens to Lucy’s advantage. She was one of the millions of overseas Chinese that China tried to please. She wrote a stern letter to say that the jewelry was hers, so the three plus thousand was hers. Zoology Institute caved in quickly and replismish my withdrawals and paid her back in full, to settle the matter.
That won’t be the last of the story.
Around 2005, I called Zoology Institute, a woman took the call. “Didn’t we agree that the payment was the final settlement of this matter?”
I paused for a second, guessed, “Oh you meant the three some thousand?”
“Yes. You agreed that you won’t demand anymore.”
Apparently she had mistaken me as Lucy.
Apparently Lucy was able to extract another three some thousand out of Institute.
I should feel happy for Lucy, who had said her jewelry worth far more than the pitiful three thousand Renminbi. But I was not. I felt my mother’s corpse was violated twice more.

emails Jimmy and Stephanie

Mavis Chu 胡曼滋 | | Jimmy Wu | Milan |

Re: family matters
From: Mavis Chu <>
To: Stephanie Hoo <>; IRENE ENG <>; Jimmy Wu <>
Cc: <>
Date: Fri, Apr 5, 2019 10:25 pm
Dear Steph:
I am not trying to take sides. At my age I am just happy to meet another relative, even if only related by marriage.

As I told you at the start I denied to Irene about knowing anything about your mom’s affairs. But then Irene showed me some correspondence of many years ago, from another relative who confessed to being a victim of sexual abuse in the same manner. In the correspondence this victim mentioned my name as someone in the know. Yes, you Mom had told me about these horrible incidents on her death bed. I told no one all these years. But I also didn’t know there is someone out there who knows what I know.

I called Irene and we talked. I do believe Irene is interested in genealogy , only as a hobby; with no intentions of harming anyone. The other victim sort of mentioned Irene’s mother . Irene wanted to know if your mom had mentioned Irene’s mom as a possible victim as well. I told Irene I cannot corroborate that. I don’t remember Milan mentioning her mom.

I cannot tell you how many people Irene has contacted. But if there exists the possibility that your own mother had been sexually abused by another family member, would you go around indiscriminately telling/asking people about it?

You have the right to be angry and upset when this horrible affair is being brought up after so many years. I ask for your understanding but please please let’s ALL DROP IT now.

I’ll have Derek contact you to arrange for a HOO get togethe.

GuGu Mavis

Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

On Friday, April 5, 2019, 9:37 PM, Stephanie Hoo <> wrote:

The issue is discretion. How would you feel if your mother had been abused by your grandfather, and I indiscriminately started texting people for more information – for my own personal research project. This is profoundly upsetting. Your intent is beside the point.

You say you’re interested in genealogy. Well, genealogy means family – and the true meaning of family includes empathy and respect. We are people. We are not characters in your play.

I will definitely not be joining you for dinner.


From: Mavis Chu <>
Sent: Friday, April 5, 2019 9:25 PM
To: IRENE ENG; Jimmy Wu; Stephanie Hoo
Subject: Re: family matters</>

Dear Irene:
Jon(my husband) and I would love to meet you and your husband. We’ll make ourselves available on any day/evening that’s convenient for Jimmy and Steph, at your home or anywhere in Manhattan. Please let me know.

Looking forward to meet you & your husband (Gordon?),

Mavis. 曼滋

Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

On Friday, April 5, 2019, 8:46 PM, IRENE ENG <> wrote:

Dear Uncle  Jimmy

Sorry for the tardy reply re your visit to NYC. I’ve been jiggling my schedules, and settled two trips. I made Gordon to vacant 4.14 and 4.20 if you and Mavis and anyone else would like to come for dinner at my home. Otherwise the weekdays are good except 4.19. Gordon works in Newark now so someplace in the city would do.

I’ve been researching my genealogy for decades. I mean no harm nor do wish to cause any pain to anyone, but I don’t think I owe any explanation to anyone.

Thanks, Irene 凝 🏊+🎾=💊
Sent from my iPhone

On Apr 5, 2019, at 6:42 PM, Jimmy Wu <> wrote:</>

Irene: See email from Stephanie below. Warm regards. Jimmy

Jimmy Wu, Esquire
2525 Wells Fargo Center
999 Third Avenue
Seattle, Washington 98104
(206) 464-1520
FAX (206) 223-3929

From: Stephanie Hoo []
Sent: Thursday, April 04, 2019 6:08 PM
Subject: family matters


Irene has been texting Mavis in English and Chinese, asking to discuss troubling stories about my mom and your dad — see below.

This is very upsetting for all of us. Do you know why Irene is doing this? Or, who else she is contacting? Can you ask her to stop?

1/3 Forwarding message:

My mom Youlan
Good morning Auntie Mavis. Hope this message finds you well. I want to learn if Auntie Milan was sexually abused by her

2/3 father and if Auntie Milan mentioned my mom? I also live in New York. If its convenient for you I can come to visit you, some place near you … thank y

3/3 ou very very much. Irene

早上好 曼子姨 您好 不好意思打扰您 我是吕友岚的女儿 张凝 想求证一下 挺难启口的事 … 美南姨被她父亲性侵?她有没有提到过我妈妈?… 事情过去很久了 希望您还记得. 我也住在纽约 如果您觉得方便 约个离您近的地方 我可以过来. 谢谢您