Kaiping by Hart, by date

IG – The I.G. in Peking, (ii: 1868-1907), ed. Fairbank, 1975 (letter #); Index here

  • 1903.03.22 (1274): … YSK has memorialized the Throne re the Chang-yen-mow plus Detring sale of KaiPing mines to Hoover and Moreing. The impl.Rescript orders Chang to get back the property, or-take the consequences. Has Kingsley been to you? What had lawyer Macrae to do with the Moreing manipulation 2? Detring acted for the best under most difficult circumstances, but, now that these difficulties have disappeared, there is a likelihood of his being made accountable for whatever weak points there were in his action.
    • n2: In 1882 the Chinese Engineering and Mining Co. was formed at Tientsin under LHZ’s influence, its property and control essentially Chinese. When capital was needed for further development of the Kaiping mines, talk of a British limited liability company was interrupt by the Boxer rising. Afterward, Chang, Director-general of Mines for Chili and Jehol, empowered his friend Detring to proceed with negotiations. Detring and HH, TJ representative of C. A. Moreing and Bewick Moreing and Company, drew up terms for a new company, to which on Feb 19, 1901, all property of the original company was transferred. Gradually the management of the new firm in London wanted the stock (so Chang claimed) to shift voting power to the foreigners. Many Chinese, among them YSK, believed the increase in capital was more to enhance the sale value of the new company in case of dissolution than to provide for mine expansion. YSK distrusted Detring and took steps to force Chang to have the property restored to Chinese control.  T.H. Kingsley was an engineer employed by the Kaiping mines. C.C. Macrae was a lawyer who had been consulted in the past on Customs matters.
  • 1905.01.29 (1361) … I’m wondering how the Kai Ping law affair is progressing. As you have not wired any result yet I presume it still goes on: it is a singular triangular duel and each one’s safety means the other’s perdition 灭亡5. I don’t want any report of proceedings from yourself-I suppose the law papers will have full reports, but I hope the finding or decision or settlement will be wire by you.
    • 13615: see letter 1274n2. The ‘triangular duel’ presumably involved Chang, Detring and HH (with his associate Moreing).
  • 1905.02.05 (1362): .. Your telegram re Kai Ping trial came yesterday: it must have given Detring and Chang an anxious and worrying fortnight! I wonder will inquiry bring out ‘the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth’, or will each side, afraid of eliciting too much, simply seek to bring forward what will establish its own case: will Chang query Detring’s action Will Detring query HH’s? And will HH query Moreing’s?.
  • 1905.03.19 (1368) … I wonder is Chang acting wisely in starting that second suit for damage 3? If Detring stays with him in England till all is over – new suit and appeal-it will be a long absence from China.
    Chow Fuh is wanting to go ahead with tea improvement: 4 I don’t think machinery will help them till proprietorship 所有权 has become more centralized.

    • 3 The verdict of the court, which had been gien on March 2, was confirmed to the issue of whether the memorandum of Feb 1901 was binding or not (see letter 1274n2). It had been drawn up and signed by HH and de Wouters, as representatives of the new British Kaiping Co., stating the conditions for transfer to it of the assets of the old Chinese Engineering and Mining Co. Judge Joyce ruled that he memorandum was binding, but reserved any question of damages for default or delay in carrying out its terms until the result of the judgement was seen. He ended by observing that “it has not been shown to me that His Excellency Chang has been guilty of any breach of faith, or of any impropriety 不当 at all.”
      The English company immediately filed an appeal, and Chang filed for damages. He was thus obliged to remain in London until the new case came up, on Jan 16, 1906.
    • 4 Chou Fu was the one in LHZ’s entourage who served him longest, from 1861 to Li’s death in 1901. From time to time he held such positions as Tientsin customs taotai and Chili provincial judge but always continued to give Li substantial assistance. After Li’s death he became Szechwan governor-general and from 1906 to 1907 was governor-general at Canton.
  • .


  • Kaiping mines, 423n1, 899, 1162n1, 1382
    • rail lines to, 562n1, 669n1
    • Hart’s plan to mortgage, 966n1
    • sold to HH & Moreing, 1109n1 (see letter 1274 on 1903.03.22 above)
    • Chang’s interest in, 1122 and n1,
    • court case on, 1309, 1310, , 1364
    • verdict in, 1368n3:
    • Detring’s connection with, 1371, 1373
    • stand of YSK on, 1379
  • Kaiping Mining Co., 939n2:
  • Moreing, Bewick, 1247n2
  • Detring, Gustav, a lot
  • Morning, C. Algernon
    • association in schemes for the development of Chinwangtao, 1109 and n1, 1151
    • at TJ, 1162
    • in BJ, 1165
    • sale of Kaiping mine, 1309
    • sued by Chang, 1367 and n2
    • stock shares brought to China by, 1382n8

The Life of Herbert Hoover 胡佛, timeline

The Life of Herbert Hoover, the Engineer 1874-1914, By George Nash purchased fm Better World Books UK $ on 2016.11.21

M Hoover

epilogue (1929-33)

  1. 19xx, open with May – you saved me from death ..
  2. successful mining engineer … bitter enemy Beligian became good friends …
  3. 1928, running as the Republican candidate, – a landslide -he succeeded Calvin Coolidge, a distant great grandnephew of China trade merchant Josephy Coolidge. The coolies from his sturggling days in Navada? CA? formed a team to campaigne for him – the only engineer ever occupied the White House.
  4. 1932, he served one term, lost er-election to FDR, the grandson of Warren Delano. The whisper of dirty fortune never  Elanor camouflaged said, “if you’ll do anything  … ” Political correctness is a terrible thing. Each era had its own historical background. Learning from history is wise but using today’s standard to judge isn’t.

Nash, George. The Life of Herbert Hoover, the Engineer 1874-1914. New York & London: W.W. Norton & Co.: 1983

work timeline

  • 1899.03, consulting engineer: He had been asked originally to map the country’s coal deposits, advise the gov on technical and admin improvements, and suggest a code of mining laws. Lou 27
  • 1900.03.05, Zhou to Burt: HH as chief 189
  • 1900.04.23, HH: nothing to do with Burt any more 210- resigned from what?
  • 1900.06.08, ZYM signed 2 contracts 117  … @ £3k = $15,000 a year
    • Engineer-in-Chief @ Mining Bureau of Chihli 13.5 yrs @ £2,500 a year + 600 taels housing 
    • Chief Engineer @ wu-sui-chwang colliery under QHD loan @ £500 a year
  • 1901
  • ..
  • ..


  • £250,000 QHD
  • £800,000 1899.06 Detring presented a plan  109
  • £1,000,000 1899.06, HH suggested 109
  • £500,000 109
  • £600,000 capital 109

timeline of May – July 1900 Boxer main

  • facts: (TJ 28 days 123.. 6.16-7.14)
    • 1000 Chinese refugees 120-1
    • 80k Chinese army troops & 300k Boxers near concession 121
    • Chinese army, B and native populace were not harmonious 122
    • In the first week of the battle several thousand Chinese corpses floated past the foreign settlement on the Peiho River 122
    • antipathy of many Westerners 121
    • stayed with Drew 121
    • Captain of the Guard 121
    • Most of the B were young men in their teens Allen 31
    • foreign community in TJ … relations among the various national units were not always harmonious … Russian troops looted the train station.  Allen 33
    • casualties + wounded Allen 32
      • BJ, 68 dead 167 wounded out of 500
      • TJ, 2 dead and 5 or 6 wounded out of 900; of the 2300 foreign troops 300 dead/w by the time 6.23 reinforcements arrived
    • soldiers compelling the B to take 1st rank in each attack on the foreigners, they being invulnerable – great mortality 33pgi-3
    • .
  • April Moreing came Allen 30
  • 5.01, HH recalled Wilson who was in Gobi desert 117; Allen 30
  • May HH went to Peking anthracite Western Hills 117
  • 5.11, Lou rtn to TJ fm BJ Allen 30 recovered; HH in bed for 2 weeks; 118
  • 5.22 Mary accompanied Lou to TJ rtn to BJ Allen 30
  • 5.27, Francis died of pneumonia 118
  • 5.28, Boxer burned a railroad bridge on the BJ-TJ line Allen 30
  • 6.01, Dragon fest Allen 30
  • 6.04, B forces converging on TJ were substantiated Allen 30
  • 6.05, columns of uniformed B marched near Detring’s home on Racecourse Road; BJ-TJ rail swvered 118
  • 6.08, Zhang signed 2 contracts Engineer-in-Chief,
  • 6.09, B set fire to the grandstand at the int’l racecourse outside Peking; night – Seymour to BJ 118
  • 6.10, TJ lost telegraphic contact with BJ 119 bad native kids harassed her Allen 30
  • 6.13, Seymour bogged down scarcely half the distance 118
  • 6.14, mobs of B entered the native city without resistance fm Chinese authorities – sky orange for the next 119
  • 6.15, Seymour a slow harrowing retreat toward TJ 118  1,700 Russian soldiers arrive TJ fm the coast – by station attacked .. so they stayed in TJ 119 fires broke out in the French settlement Allen 31
  • 6.16-7,  W took Taku Dagu – wrong move 119 6.16, saw dairy cows 120
  • battle for survival 120
  • next 6 days were terrifying; found cows; moved to Drew  Allen 32
  • 6.19, ammo running low 120
  • 6.22, Zhang arrested – 3 days 120
  • 6.23, 2k men broke through to TJ fm Taku Dagu 121 Detring visit Zhang – power of attorney 125 several days after D asked H who was not enthusiastic126 4,000 relief force arrived fm Taku; press came  Allen 32
  •  … calf and the lost cow Allen 33
  • 6.26, Seymour rtn to TJ, rescued by reinforcements 121 war correspondents fm US 122
  • 6.30, Deutsch-Asiatische Bk due no $$ 126
  • 7.01, B looting inside the walled native city of TJ became unbearable, General Nieh’s repelled B 122 rampant with anarchy and pillage 33pgi-3
  • 7.04, Zhou Zhang power of attorney –
  • 7.05, Nieh committed suicide 122
  • 7.08 Sun, Chinese leave 122 Zhou: 蛰居 三十余日, 始脱险.
  • 7.10, HH’s attitude had altered. … pressed Zhang to authorize nothing less than the much- delayed provincial loan for £1 mil 126
  • 7.11, B tried with ferocity but failed (station) … moved down by Ma 123 Lou left TJ  (but rtn on 8.04 to pack HH for London)  Allen 34
  • 7.13, HH own acct 123
  • 7.14, 28 days was over 123
  • looting “the natives were as bad as the foreigners in the thievery. They stole from their neighbors, taking everything left by the foreign soldiers.” French and Russian – rape and killing 123
  • Of Russians,  124
  • 8.04, HH left for London – Nagasaki-Shanghai-HK-UK on Oct 1 (stayed @ Moreing country house in Surrey 13 miles fm London ) Allen 34
  • Nov: UK-US (NY)- Dec to China ..


  • 1897.03.31 New York – 04.09 to Liverpool – London
  • 1897.04.15 London to Aussie: May Coolgardie
  • Aussie
    • 1897.07.16 1st mention of Sons of Gwalia 64; buy 11.17 65; 1898.01 stock 66
    • 1898.02, Gwalia manager 80
    • 1899.01, back to London 85 . marry – TJ.
  • 1899.02.10, married; Feb 11 left for Shanghai
  • in China 1899-1901 – 26 months: (2.11 87 left SF for China; March to Shanghai)
    • 1899.03.20 TJ 100 –
    • 1900.08.04 left TJ for S’hai 134 #1907 (1900.11.10 138 HHs left for China va US) 17 months
    • 1900.10 early, Hoover arrived London 134
    • 1900.11.10, left London to NY 138
    • 1900.11.18, reached New York 138
    • 1900.11.18, to NY 138
    • 1900.12.06, fm SF to China 139
    • 1901.01 to 09.22 181 TJ to London via Yokohama 横浜 US 8 months
  • house in TJ: 111 Astor House Hotel, then … rented a spacious, two-story, blue-brick house on Racecourse Road 跑马道/马场道 (重庆道小学?) at the edge of the foreign settlement. Nearby, on Taku Road (大沽街道? baidu -> 大沽街), HH’s staff resided on the 2nd floor of a house built by the Mining Bureau.
    • Boxer – 121 friend’s house – Edward Bangs Drew – the American Commissioner of Customs
    • 119 for several nights tow HH’s assistants, Wilson and Newberry, had stood guard over Detring’s home a mile-and-a-half south of the foreign concession.
    • The  foreign settlement 118 last para: a narrow corridor of land only a few hundred yards wide at most, stretching for more than a mile along he banks of the Peiho River. To the north and north west a mere two mile away across a patch of ditches, burial mounds, and  native huts, lay the walled native city. To the west, a level plain. To the south, a  15-foot mud wall-inviting cover for snipers. To the east and northeast, the Peiho. HH, like Detring, lived beyond the southern embankment on the road running southwest toward the racecourse.
  • Chou, 628, 629 
    • 136 Meanwhile HH emboiled for the 1st time in the internal affairs … Burt was instructed to cooperate and to accept HH’ s order. 628 [Chou?], a director of the CEMC, to Andrew Burt, 1900 March 5 and 30; HH to the Director, CEME, 1900.04.23; all in Nathan Papers
    • 139 Since Burt evidently refused to cooperate fully with his superior, HH no doubt had grounds for complaint. 629 [Chou?] to Burt, 1900.03.30
  • Kaiping index
  • £200,000/£1,000,000 loans
  • Xuexi book
  • Kaiping timeline
  • Li Hongzhang LHZ got his 200,000 taels money 164-7
  • UK valet/servant Victorian
  • 1899 $$:
    • 2,000 taels (about $1,400) 102
    • 60,000 taels (about $42,000) 103
  • back story
  • HH articles: 114 didn’t know the biz: “unfamiliarity with the business”; “The men are docile and easily handled, ..”

house home his travel

  • 1899, TJ rental
  • 1902, building a cottage in Monterey Years 76
  • 1907, Stanford University where we acquired a six room cottage. Years 76
  • list of travel Years 75-6
  • since becoming the partner at Biwick Moreing
    • 1901 China, United States, England, France, India, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaiian Islands
    • 1902 France, Italy, England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States.
    • 1903 United States, Canada, England, France, India, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaiian Islands.
    • 1904 United States, Germany, Italy, England, South Africa.
    • 1905 England, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt,  France, Italy.
    • 1906 Egypt, England, United States.
    • 1907 England, Australia, Malay States, United States, Burma, France.
    • 1908 England, United States.
  • ..


  1. An Iowa boyhood
  2. Oregon Years
  3. Stanford University
  4. A California apprenticeship
  5. Australia
  6. The Sons of Gwalia
  7. China: the First Year 96
  8. The Kaiping Mines are acquired 125
  9. A Mine manager in China 160
  10. The Celestial Empire strikes back 182
  11. Chang Yen-mao v. Moreing 204
  12. A partner in Bewick. Moreing 223
  13. 27: A Man of Force 560


  • Detring
  • Moreing
  • LHZ, YSK, Zhang
  • Nathan & list of Kaiping managers

timeline (LHZ=Li Hongzhang)

 Zhou  Hoover Note
 overall conservative
wholesome family
job thro dad
advocated savings 18
chasing the imperial exam
patriarch after he made it
Minister of Fiance
orphaned before age 10
lied to get job in London 50
boasting wealth H8
utilized his ed wisely
supported sib @ age 22 51
President of US
 both were charitable Lou 20
 1866  born  Nian rebelCivil Rights Act
 1874  born; almost died 4  light bulb
 1880  exam  dad died  electric rail
 1884  married  mom died  Sino-Fr War; 8 hr work day
 1889 work emperor’s wedding  WSJEiffel Tower
 1891  take exam 5th time @ 27  Stanford Uni  Trans Siberian railTchaikovsky @ Carnegie
 1894  dad re-joined LHZ – war Sino Jap war
 1895 dad retired aft the war geo degree/office boy 46 TJ Uni, 1st in China
 1896  got inheritance  $2k a yr @ Janin 49
 1897  Kaiping, under Zhang  W Aussie/Moreing $5k yr
 1898  take 7th exam  partner/led 250 men 71
 1899  received hualing   married; to China  Boxer
1900  see separate notes  see separate notes  Kaiping
 1901  Shandong Uni partner Moreing/ dir CEMC
 1902  TJ Mint
 1903  Hebei Uni of Tech Jr born @ London
 1905  found  Zinc Corp  sue in London, 2x
 1906  Qixin Cement
 1907  Luanzhou mines  Allan born @ London  Fu bond
 1908  BJ Water Works ret. fm Moreing; consultant
 1911  China revolution
 1912 Kailuan Min of Fin bond  abdication; Republic;
 1915  t bill

some facts on HH

  • Court; country to country; Zhang’s enemy; Shandong to Germany, the late comer;
  • his income:  117 £2,500.. £3,000
  • house in TJ: on Racecourse Road 122 (Detring on Racecourse Road 118; the HHs like Detrings, lived beyond the southern embankment on the road running southwest toward the racecourse.)
  • HH Zhang: 116 half their age – Detring
  • 1901, Moreing – A partner at London mining consulting firm (Bewick & Moreing), that hired HH in 1897 (HH lied as 35 years old when he’s only 22), sent HH first to Aussie then China in 1899. HH first made junior partner at Moreing’s Aussie branch (1898) but eventually made a full partner at Bweick & Moreing in London in 1901, the youngest of four..  224-5 Moreing (1855-?)
  • exaggeration/inaccuracy/overstate: 55-6 HH worked for U.S. Geological Survey for 2 summers, not 2 years; had not served as a sole manager of any US mines, nor direct acquaintance with tellurides 碲化物;56 W Aussie needed men like HH, his training and temperament. The discovery … financed by UK money. … actual # registered/failed: 82% disappeared; 56 Mark Twain is supposed to have defined a mine as “a hole in the ground with a liar on top”; 57 alluvial mining 冲积矿 .. in 1898. Mining has new game: London, the financial center of the world; one of the new ear’s principal architects was to be HH.61 Aussie labors were lazy; Americans getting control of the mines … difficult living condition – laying hard-boiled eggs. Even “Aussie fly is much inferior, more vicious, and less energetic than the US” contracted blood poisoning – barcoo rot 腐 [a skin disease, perhaps similar to “Desert Sore”]. 3 people a day dying from typhoid fever 伤寒. bicycle bike – 50 miles from water – his live saving vehicle. Camel story. Referring Americans 62, 67 “Hail Columbia”67-8 HH’s traits by journalists, reserved and serious …69-70 HH “Nothing succeeds like success”. Generous with $$ to sibling, cousin and friends. “He played an important part in the history of the mine, ad a more competent manager could not be found.” 79 H”The driving n crosscutting work that has been accomplished .. under HH energetic management, is unprecedented in Westrlian mining.” miners drove 161 feet and 6 inches on the 200-foot level.
  • China to HH, is a candy land to a kid: he wanted to do good but at every turn he found frustrations, from Chinese, westerners as well.
  • ..


  1. An Iowa boyhood
    1. … if they related to John Wesley of Methodism, Mary Wesley Minthorn said, “Begone with thee. What matter if we descended from the highest unless we are something ourselves. Get busy.” 3
    2. Perhaps, unconsciously, Hoover began to develop a certain detachment from his surroundings, a protective reserve that masked the loneliness of one who was, inevitable, an outsider. 11
  2. Oregon Years
  3. Stanford University
  4. A California apprenticeship
    1. high sierra 42; mule 43; blood / diabolically wicked bronco 43;  Lindgren 44; works free Janin 46; carry gun / grizzled  prospectors died 47;
    2. no pay 18; $7 a day 47; survey quickly
    3. 1896 Aug: $2k a yr 49 – 5’9″ mining engineer
  5. Australia
    1. 53 1897.04.15, left Dover for Aussie;
      1. 57 salary $5-6k as inspector (inspecting engineer – this part was controlled by Moreing) for Moreing, plus some fees – big money for a 23-yrs old.
      2. HH was #4 guy in Aussie, resident partner Edward Hooper. 62-3 In 2 months, $8k + 10%;
      3. head Lawlers on 1897.07.
      4. 67 junior partner @ West Australian branches 1897.11 – profit share -> $10k a year.
      5. 70 1898.04 Son of Gwalia, £1,500 as superintendent, £500 as Moreing firm rep in the region
      6. HH was acutely sensitive to the needs of those who, like himself, had been obliged to scrape and scramble to “make it” 70
      7. 1899.3.20,
      8. 1900.6.08, £2,500 + travel expenses, 600 taels housing rent, 117 + 10% QHD project 100 (Burt £300 1898) … almost £3,000 (almost $15,000) 117
    2. Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee; partner comment on how Americans preserve young 52
    3. 52 dress up at 6pm; unnerved by Moreing’s servant for wardrobe
    4. 53 W Aussie was the most remote area for mining in 1897; all 36 engineers had typhoid fever 伤寒; 6 out of 53 died
    5. 53 to Perth
    6. 55-6 exaggerated on his experience
    7. 57-8 gold rush. ##, failed; London financial center; new ear
    8. 60-16 firing; US wasn’t nicely received; lazy Aussie labor, useless
    9. 63 50 miles fm water: by camel, HH has to pick which way to go ..
    10. 63 George Hall a Welsh too, partner of William Pritchard Morgan – Gwalia. HH 1897.06.16 visited; ore are as good as Kalgoorlie’s.66 floation on London stock market. doubled on 1st trading day ..
  6. The Sons of Gwalia
    1. 71-2 superintendent, managed 250 men; union problem; 44 to 48 hr per week; Italians were better than Aussies
    2. boss Ernest Williams. 78 farthing; 80 insurance policy;
    3. 1898 82 early summer, Moreing to China
    4. 87 the priest needed dispensation to marry them
  7. China: the First Year  — 96
    1. I
      1. 1899.02.11, left SF for Shanghai; arrive TJ on 3.20; 96 befriend Frederick Palmer wiki (1873-1958)
      2. 1896, 97 Pritchard Morgan met LHZ
      3. 1897, 97 Morgan survey N China – per LHZ
      4. 97 trail and mines are the blue chips of concession seekers – incl Moreing who cable LHZ in 1898 that he had begun a campaign to influence Brit public opinion to support the huge British gov guaranteed loan – in return for a piece of pie – such as a mining concession HH presidential library.
      5. 98 Moreing urged UK to use the loan to compel the Chinese to institute a modern “organization and code of mining regulations”
    2. 1899.03, 100 HH accustomed in Aussie to travel fast & light, he appalled to discover … for ‘face’:
      1.  several mining official
      2. 6 grooms & personal servants
      3. 2 interpreters
      4. 20 soldiers of military escort
      5. 1 cook who knew how to prepare foreign food
      6. 50 mules and ponies
      7. enormous clutter of baggage, mattresses + provisions

      … all for the face and status; the cook unflaggingly served 5-course meals even when the cuisine was reduced to five varieties of cooked chicken and eggs – Because you’re a very expensive man, we can’t afford to have you get sick.” 101

    3. Palmer watched as HH, deep in thought, walked down a street where bullets were falling-apparently unconcerned or (more likely) oblivious to his environment. 122 fn204: Palmer’s anecdotes
    4. 101-2 far more disturbing to HH than outmoded mining techniques was something that no Western engineer, however skilled and determined, could easily alter: a social system riddled with managerial incompetence, thievery, an “squeeze” … the mine is rampant with petty fraud
      1. an American co
    5. 104 summer/fall/winter of 1899, HH trips to Zhili and neighboring area; Lou joined sometime, on horseback; by early 1900, they inspected 50 gold-mining districts in Zhili and Shandong alone.
      1. Shanxi
      2. Inner Mongolia
      3. Gobi desert and beyond
      4. Shanghai
      5. on the coast, Urga, capital of Outer Mongolia now Ulan Bator; met ‘Living Buddha‘ recklessly moving rather fast
    6. HH domestic life in TJ:  112 2x; 下篮钱.
    7. HH’s enemy: Ernest William boss in Aussie + Andrew Burt 112  @ Kaiping.
    8. HH to Shandong – German sphere of influence 113
    9. most of the Chinese mine managers and officials he met had never even decended into a mine 101
    10. Zhang’s mom died 113 Piety toward his ancestors dictated a hundred days of mourning and abstention from business..
    11. pro Russian 107
    12. China UK  109.
    13. 1899.05, 109 when HH was in interior, Detring asked Moreing to recommend a man for Zhili and Rehe
    14. 1899.09, 105 Zhang memorial throne … out of his own pocket: Mining Bureau for Chili and Jehol – HH was the Engineer-in-Chief
    15. HH mufu  105 all/mostly Stanford 111 Agnew was rare one among the Stanford crowd but he held on his own. 109 HH’s muliao
      1. John H. Means
      2. John Agnew
      3. J. Wilfred Newberry
      4. Gorge Wilson
      5. Daniel Francis
    16. 105. HH: to let individual to do prospecting …
    17. 1900.02.04,  107 £200k loan;  112 £1 mil;
    18. HH mentioned on Kaiping: 106 + 116 “the only successful mining venture on a foreign basis inaugurated in China” – best;  103 he’s doer, an assertive modernizer; heart breaking to find China wasn’t taking his advise; his job was limited in the beginning 104 -> consulting engineer. Chinese labor produced 1/5 exaction 116 ..
    19. 1899.06.17, 110 HH to Moreing: The rottenness of Chinese officialdom is of course fully known to you. … I have said that you would in no way consider any proposition which required bribery to secure it nor will I be mixed in such business.”
    20. 1899 104 into interior; met LHZ, pour the rancid 馊 champagne back to the bottle;
    21. Qinhuangdao loan
      1. 1900.05, (beginning) 114 3 months in China, he’d “very bad impression” of CEMC’s management. Had he knew … won’t undertake to raise the QHD loan
      2. As Moreing was leaving China, he grumbled “the management of Kaiping gives me very bad impression. If I knew what I know now, I would never have underwritten the loan.”
      3. The task was left for HH to negotiate and compete.
      4. 116 outwit Zhang & Detring
    22. June 8 1900, Zhang signed 2 contracts to employ HH 117  his earnings $$
    23. June 10,
    24. on Kaiping: “the only successful mining venture on a foreign basis inaugurated in China.” 116
    25. III Boxers 117
      1. 1900 May 117 1st signs of trouble reached HH on his trip to inspect anthracite 无烟煤 deposits in the Western Hills beyond Peking
      2. 117-8 Lou might die – not make it “it was feared that she might not pull through” – sinus infection 鼻窦感染; HH was sick; his secretary Francis died of pneumonia 肺炎 on May 27
      3. 6.05, 118 … Boxers came to TJ near Detring’s house on Racecourse Road; rail link BJ-TJ was severed
      4. 6.09, Boxers set fire to grandstand at the Int’l racecourse outside of BJ; Seymour received tele fm BJ
      5. 6.10, Seymour set out, 2,500 strong (augmented 增强). TJ lost telephone
      6. 6.13, Seymour bogged down – only half the distance to BJ – HH criticism toward Seymour hh118; more action
      7. 6.14, 119 … Boxers entered native city, no resistance. Next 2 nights skies orange – burning. smell of dead…
      8.  119 the foreigners had to endure the odors of dead bodies of Chinese on the exposed plain … Beihe river turned red
      9. 6.15, 1,700 Russians arrived TJ.
      10. 6.16, dairy cows  120 HH’s assistant spotted a herd  of daily cows and rounded up them to HH’s home
      11. 6.17 Saturday, got Dagu wiki, HH heard artillery shell exploded in foreign settlement = Boxers got the army station
      12. 6.18-19 … 400 male and 300 women/kids faced 5k trained Chinese troop and 25k Boxers; HH saw 120 “charged dancing, waving their guns in peculiar circles, giving out their fiendish howl
      13. 6.22, Zhang arrested over birds h120 as ‘spy’ by UK naval Captain Bayly, possible death… HH: “rabble; hysterical wharf-rats, bigoted, pompous” 3 days in jail “great courage” … 1k Chinese became HH’s responsibility – antipathy 反感 121 ..  Tang Shaoyi too hh630
      14. 121 Around the start of the fighting, the HHs abandoned their home on the outskirt for the more centrally located residence of Edward Bangs Drew, the American Commissioner of Customs. Every available man was needed now. Besides helping the Chinese refugees find food, HH worked daily at fighting fires (a constant hazard) and at building street barricade out of sacks of rice, sugar, and peanuts taken from warehouses. At time he ran errands on his biycle to obtain ice and other necessities for the makeshift hospitals. At night, under armed British escort, he and his staff slipped beyond the barricade to the city’s water plant where they boiled precious water for the settlement.  … Dominating the foreign settlement was its large City Hall, British general “Chinese” Gordon now housed 3 hundred kids women for safety. Lou was busy at work … by June 23 … 80k Chinese army troop and 300k boxers were concentrated in the neighborhood of the concession.
      15. 6.23, 125-6 Detring visit Zhang in jail, aim clatter of gun fires and artillery … : Dagu property reportedly seized by foreign troops; Russian + Jap occupied 2 coal yards and Russians were helping themselves to the coal. to avoid depredation 剥夺 + military seizure/ruin, co should place under a foreign flag. NOT Russian … Zhang signed “the attorney and general agent” – next chapter
      16. Tang Shaoyi – 750-pound shell killed his wife .. HH carried his daughter to his own home. boiling water 121
      17. 6.23, 2k forced came to TJ fm Dagu
      18. 6.26, Seymour rtn to TJ … 80k Chinese troop + 300k Boxers encircled TJ
      19. 122 war reporters came: Frederick Palmer wiki, Oscar King Davis Lou H
      20. walk in the bullet rains, unaware; Lou investigated a shell in her yard; playing solitarire
      21. 7.01, Boxers looted walled city of TJ
      22. 7.05, General Nieh suicide; Ma replaced him: both anti; thousands of Chinese corpses floated on Peiho River
      23. 7.08, HH packing moving
      24. 7.11, 123 Boxers failed to take rail station; that night, Ma mowed them down
      25. 7.13, 5,650 troops; out # 1:10; HH joined US Marines as guide. Two American regiments participated in the day long action “We came under sharp fire from the Chinese on [the city] wall. I was completely scared, especially when some of the Marines next to me were hit. I was unarmed and I could scarcely make my feet move forward. I asked the officer I was accompanying if I could have rifle. He produced one from a wounded Marine, and at once I experienced a curious psychological change for I was no longer scared, although I never fired a shot.”
      26. 7.14, TJ 28-day ordeal was over. French n Russian soldiers orgy of rape kill Chinese began in TJ.
    26. ..
  8. The Kaiping Mines are acquired 125
    1. 6.23, 125-6 Detring visit Zhang in jail, aim clatter of gun fires and artillery … : Dagu property reportedly seized by foreign troops; Russian + Jap occupied 2 coal yards and Russians were helping themselves to the coal. to avoid depredation 剥夺 + military seizure/ruin, co should place under a foreign flag. NOT Russian … Zhang signed “the attorney and general agent”
    2. principal creditor Deutsch-Asiatische Bank since 2 yrs ago; due on 6.30. … foreclose to be under German, better than Russian…
    3. Detring met HH a few days after 6.23 … wanted Zhang to be involved.
    4. 7.04, 130  salary John Agnew £50 HH £250; …
    5. 7.10, HH pressed Zhang to authorize £1 mil bond – provincial loan  – Zhang didn’t sign, went to Dagu; Detring  followed on 7.15:
      1. under UK flag
      2. much needed loan for the mines’ development
    6. Detring + Zhang worked out 3 doc
      1. A
      2. B – Detring regulation – undated
      3. C – Zhang issued despatch 发送 – dated 1900.06.24
    7. share of mine, from issuing 100 taels tumbled to 60, 40, even 21
    8. Zhang signed 127
      1. raise a foreign loan
    9. Detring proposed 128
      1. new co under UK law
      2. £1 per share, mil shares; of which £375k allotted to old share
      3. nowhere to say to sell Kaiping
    10. 7.15, Detring went to Dagu; while talked with HH; wrote to Moreing that Zhang had signed an indenture selling Kaiping to him personally …
    11. D entreated 恳求 HH to London, turning Kaiping to Moreing personally fore reg n refin
    12. 7.23, HH took only lawyer in TJ, UK J. Bromley Eames (as his own) to Dagu. HH n D worked out a docu
      1. D wanted binding deed of conveyance 转运 made out directly to Moreing (not HH, afraid HH ran off with it)
      2. HH didn’t want – not sure Moreing wanted it (HH had no right to do it)
    13. 7.25, Zhang signed £1 mil bond over 30 years develop mines in Zhili and Jehol – HH, D and M
      1. 3 men get 50% of profit
      2.  25% to Zhang
      3. 25% to gov
    14. 7.25, 130 Zhang left for Shanghai and D, HH Eames to TJ
    15. 1900.07.30, (633 #39 -> pg 130:  ) D + HH signed on 08.01 in TJ 157
      1. A
      2. B
      3. C
      4. HH trustee (also 90-day escape clause for Moreing .. in case ..)
      5. by 1901.02.28, Moreing provide £100k working capital
    16. 131 HH wrote that China law in Qing was at least 50% Chinese, and admin solely by Chinese…
    17. 133 £50k bribe money .
    18. 08.04, 134 HHs left for Shanghai to Europe a day after his 26th bday. Moreing cabled him in Shanghai on 8.15: ‘approve; can do; come home’
    19. II
    20. 134 6 weeks on sea, got to London in Oct; foreign office …
    21. 10.13, M to D: accept
    22. 10.16, HH “Memo of Procedure …” Chinese Board: Zhang, D + HH
    23. Oct late in Oct, 138 HH discovered OS’s initial page proof of the articles contained no provision for a China board with Zhang as DG for life –
    24. 11.7, HH got the revised … terms … he carried this to China
    25. 136 political sides… Belgian King Leopold II; Oriental Syndicate
    26. $$$ M to D: you’ll paid £1,000 a year + 5,000 shares (par value $25,000). M wanted 50,ooo shares 143-4 
    27. 1900.11.09, 138 HH appointed Moreing his attorney.
    28. 1900.11.10, 138 HHs left for China via USA
      1. list of alterations of 7.30 agreement
      2. revised draft of certain articles of association of …
    29. 1900.11.18, arrived New York – press conference NYT: 139: arrived New York – press conference NYT: 139: It is very humiliating for an American to know that although the United States controls 45% of the trade of Northern China, there is not a soldier there to protect it. Our whole policy has been to pat a rattlesnake on the head. Diplomacy with an Asiatic is of no use. If you are going to do business with him you must begin your talk with a gun in your hand, and let him know that you will use it.”
    30. 12.6, HHs sail fr San Francisco to China
    31. 12.13, M confirmed to Oriental Syndicate his agreement to sell … “which I’m about to acquire” conditional on alteration of the 7.30 deed.. + July 25 £1,000,000 provincial loan … .
    32. 12.21, Chinese Engineering and Mining Co Ltd registered in London – Clause 3 .. not revealed
    33. 1901.01.10, TJ (wife and her sis in Jap) , 140 
    34. 1900, autumn, 141 Russian’s occupation and UK got them out ..
    35. 1901.01.14, HH informed UK consul in TJ, Kaiping belongs to UK firm – 146 asked for UK troops to Tangshan
    36. 1901.01.17, 143 D n HH agreed to change of 7.30 agreement
    37. IV
    38. 145 de Wouters … pessimistic
    39. 1901.02, 149 Russians moved out of Kaiping
    40. 152-3 four day’s row.. 3 hr interview; Tenney
    41. 1901.02.19k66156 signed by Z, D, HH + de Wouters 157; 3 separate papers were approved:
      1. indenture 契约 or deed of transfer
        1. 156 1 feature was curious even remarkable: not only land/fleet… but also all the lands, mines, and coalfields known as the Estate Kaiping coal field – NOT in 7.30 more to read… give Moreing the fabulously rich K
      2. contemporaneous 同时 memorandum
        1. 157 “Memorandum Relating to the Reorganization of the Chinese Engineering and Mining Company” … 14 points, 6-9 n 13 are important …
        2. this memo was Z’s price for signing the trasfer deed 158
        3. ..
      3. supplementary power of attorney fm Zhang to D
    42. 1901.02.25, Z went to Shanghai but requested HH to sever tie in TJ
    43. ..
    44. problems they faced:
      1. ..
    45. the many sides/nations
      1. Belgian – Oriental Syndicate
      2. Russian
      3. German
      4. British
      5. Jap
      6. French
    46. ..
  9. A Mine manager in China 160 .. 从这章开始 论事 (HH/de Wounter -> Dugan us ->Leon Trouet -> T.R. Wynne uk -> Nathan)
    1. 1901.02.25, 160 Z went to Shanghai; requested HH to sever tie in TJ
    2. Wilson: HH placed him as director at mining camp at Chin Chang Kou Liang in N Zhili – only westerner on site 103
    3. 03.01, 161 provisional TJ Board of Admin established
      1. Zhang, Chinese deputy
      2. Detring, de Wouters + HH; secretary Eames
      3. HH put George Wilson as GM – general manager; Newberry at Linsi
      4. 161 HH wrote: the presence of the [British] troops on the mines and the absence of the Chinese directors gives us an opportunity to introduce sweeping reforms…
    4. HH + de Wounter – 3 things 162
      1. legitmacy – confirm agreement – render them unassailable fm challenge
      2. control of the property – reg old co property in treaty port in the name of the new
      3. control of management – take over … cash in the bank
    5. April or May, 165.. Belgium Emile Francqui to TJ, without foreign staff, as HH expected
    6. 166 HH used gun – brandished a revolver and threatened to kill a terrified Chinese employee … grabbed the acct and correspondence files
    7. 1901.06.04, 167 Regulations .. HH “went to far … have nothing to do with it”
    8. 170 Moreing’s 3 bargains:
      1. Oriental Syndicate to give 50k free shares in the new co to Moreing, in return signing 2nd below – but this same 50k share was to D n Z
      2. Moreing sell 7.30 contract to OS, in rtn for 79,500 (4/5) of OS own shares
      3. 05.02 doc btw OS n CEMC … OS took 7.30 and sell it to the new co – in rtn for new co 1 mil shares
    9. 1901.05 171 7 Brits buy 1 share each and registered the co in London; then sold their shares to 7 Belgians (999,993 hadn’t be issued); in May 1091 the 7 Belgians select the first directors – non Chinese
    10. 5.23, 173 HH cabled M: Kaiping old shares ‘nearly triple’
    11. 1901.05.25, new directors issued
      1. 375k shares to the old co’s shareholder
      2. 50k to Moreing (passing on to D + Z)
      3. 150k shares (promotional profits) to OS
      4. 425k – free shares to whom?? 172 fait accompli
    12. debenture (债权证) vs shares
    13. 6.17, English language North China Daily News – exchange Kaiping shares
    14. 6.28, HH became involved in negotiantions to reorganize Bewick; Edward Hooper retiring – HH would become partner at age 27
    15. 7.10, to put the same ad on Chinese newspaper
    16. 7.11, Zhang memorial the court; left to Germany to apologize
    17. 9.20, 180 Francqui placed 14 Belgian enginnners/foremen at K
    18. Sept h645.. HH+de Wounter that Zhang knew by now that he sold Kaiping and accepted the situation
    19. problems:
      1. 162 Jap, German, France + Russia still occupied much of the company’s property
      2. 163-4 LHZ clamoring for 200k taels – got his 200,000 taels 167
      3. 164-5 good story register deeds with treaty ports
      4. 179  good story HH left China in a fight with Emile Francqui wiki  ..
      5. 4 nation troops on mines; Detring refused
    20. HH positive
      1. 1901.06.25, 179 (in March, 300 ton a day) tripled; when he left China in Sept 1901 (7 months HH + de Wounters to J. H. Dugan, US):
        1. reduced 60% of 500 officials
        2. purged 600 imaginary employees
        3. honest accenting system
        4. saved 20% pay-roll
        5. $$ 181 $HH asset was $500k when he left China
          1. 7,500 free shares in the new co
          2. 7,900+ free shares in the OS that Moreing gave him
          3. £5,000/$25,000 to $33,000, annual salary…
      2. $1,500,000 squeeze traced 166
      3. ..
    21. ..
  10. The Celestial Empire strikes back 182 .
    1. 1901.06.05, board of directors appt a lcoal board in Brussels
    2. 1901.09.27, 185 Brussels info Dugan June 4 regulation unacceptable
    3. 1901.11, HHs arrived London; joined CEMC
    4. 1901.12,184 UK fired and more Belgians joined
    5. 1902.04.30, 187  board of dir in Europe ratified Detring/Trouet agreement (on page 186)
    6. 1902.06.28, 187 Zhang letter to London: violations of 1901.02 06.04
    7. 1902.06, London – 183 racial slowness: “Much has been written of the cheap labour of China, but those who have experienced its disadvantages have said but little. The simply appalling and universal dishonesty of the working classes, the racial slowness, and the low average of intelligence, gives them an efficiency far below the workmen of England and America.” 5 widely quoted. “The disregard for human life permits cheap mining by economy in timber, and the aggrieved relatives are amply compensated by the regular payment of $30 per man lost. Cases have been proven of suicide for the amount, and other cases where six grief-stricken fathers claimed the reward for the same man.” 6 ..
    8. 1902.07.25, 187 D letter: not following Feb n Jun – lack of good faith
    9. 1902.08 190-1 Wynne TJ; pros & cons of a lawsuit… trying for another deal
    10. 1902.11, 192  Thys, stern:
    11. 1902.11.28 193 Zhang held shareholder meeting in TJ.
    12. 1902.12, 194 Moreing in TJ 3rd time, till 1903. paid Detring 50k shares (abt $250k). Each man filed the story 195
    13. 1902-3 198 Zhang under attack fm China, YSK
    14. 1903.05.07198-9 lawsuit: memo of Feb binging
      1. Moreing
      2. Bewick Moreing  & Co
      3. CEMC Chinese Engineer Mining Co6+
    15. YSK:  199-200 recover = eliminate foreigners; Z had 2 months
    16. 1904  200 6 points Z with Nathan
    17. 1904 summer 200 YSK offered a deal .. pg 200-202 good to read
    18. 1904.10.31 200 neither D or Z had left for London
    19. 1905.01.17 trial
    20. .
    21. 1901 184 62% Belgian/friends, 38% UK
    22. .
    23. good questions
      1. how could the old Chinese co cede rights it did not have? 190 
      2. why to London – trial  201 
    24. .
    25. the sides
      1. Belgian – the King  185 .. 1902 king buy 25k shares
      2. UK/US,
      3. Chinese
    26. .
    27. $$
      1. 185 Detring £250 a month.
    28. .
  11. Chang Yen-mao v. Moreing 204 ..
    1. 1905.01.17, 1st trial, 16 days
    2. 1905.03.01, verdict 215 . Bewick appealed
      1. memo of Feb 1901 binding
    3. 1905.03.08, Zhang sued 2nd time 218 .
      1. HH
      2. Moreing
      3. Bewick & Moreing
      4. Davis
      5. Turner
      6. Thys
    4. Sir Ernest Setow 219 read..
    5. 1906.01, for 6 days, the Court of Appeal in London,
    6. 1906.01.24, 220 verdict: Feb memo binding
    7. 1906 late, Lan-chou
    8. 1907 mid, YSk granted them to mine the entire Kaiping coal fields, except the UK based
    9. 1908, FO legal adviser …
    10. 1909, new FO Jordan: new co’s finance was the weak part of their case.
    11. 1910-11, rate war
    12. HH was direct
    13. 1912, (almost bought Kaiping but failed) … merged
    14. ..
  12. A partner in Bewick. Moreing 223 ..

3 important docs, and more

  1. 1900.07.30 Zhang didn’t know but he should seen it which is mentioned in memo of Feb 191 .
  2. 1901.02.00, supplementary memorandum
  3. 1901.06.04, regulation
  4. debenture
  5. £100k working capital (Moreing; not fm London but fm Banque d’Outremer in Belgium) – HH letter 190 .
  6. 50k shares to Detring n Zhang 195

  • praise of him by Aussie newspapers, media 84-5
  • love poem to a barmaid in Aussie 621

Eames 128-32, 142, 147, 151, 161, lawsuit 205, 208

Family Tree

Paternal: Swiss Huber

  1. Dad: successful landowner + winegrower – 1738 to Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County
  2. 1732: Ellerstade, Adnreas  1746, Adnreas married, moved to Maryland; to NC in 1762-3; died in 1783 @ age 60 as Hoover
  3. 1801 one of Adnreas son, John who’s Society of Friends – Quaker – moved to Ohio (Western Reserve)
  4. 1854 Jesse (?-1856) and family moved to Iowa
  5. Jesse Jr (1846-1880.12.13 ) – sold his biz on 1878.05.25 for $1k 6;


  1. 1725 William Minthorn (1715-)
  2. Theodore (-1840)
  3. 1848 Hulda Randall Minthorn (dad Theodore) 4

Jesse (1846-1880.12.13 of rheumatism 风湿病 of the heart) married Hulda (1848-1884.02-24) on 1870.03.12 4.:

  • 1871, Ted
  • 1874.08.10, Herbert
  • 1876, Mary
  • ,,

other things

  • Maikop oil discovery 452 false … bad term with Moreing

timeline after China – 24 An American Abroad 496-513

  • 1910, Georgian England was a fascinating civilization
    • London was the world capital of mining finance 496
    • Pre-war England was the most comfortable place to live in the whole world, … well-trained and devoted servants  496-7
    • countryside 497
      • Salisbury – famouse cathedral
      • Dove – white cliffs
      • Tintern Abbey – immortalized by Wordsworth
      • Henley, site of regattas
      • Whitchurch in Hampshire – genealogy
    • He liked above all to learn about people who had accomplished something and did not simply talk about it. 498
    • faith, religion: I was raised as a Quaker but I never worked very hard at it. 500
    • not a good host talked little; talked about Boxer, tiger in the tunnel in Burma, Kalgoorlie… -niece inability to make small talk to their early orphanhood and consequent lack of a mother or father to teach them social grace. .. raconteurs  501 he was blessed by the articulateness and charm of his wife. 502
    • nickname star-spangled Hoover in London, Hail Columbia Hoover in Aussie, China? 502
    • The last golden age in the world; The happiest period of all humanity in the Western world in ten centuries was the twenty-five years before the First World War. 1914 – peace, expanding prosperity, released human spirit, 502
    • a mining engineer 采矿工程师 
    • his love for US: The American is always an alien abroad. He never can assimilate, nor do other people ever accept him otherwise than as a stranger. 503 .. equality of opportunity – this was what Europe lacked and America promised. 508
    • social class – Ben Franklin is supposed to have said that America is a country where we ask of a man not “Who is he?” but “What can he do?” 505
    • he was coming to feel that America and Britain had grown three hundred years apart. 509
    • institution 5.
  • 1897, Aussie: with its growing socialist labor movement and workers’ resistance to the kind of efficiency promoted by aggressive American mine managers and engineers. 505
  • 1899, China: with its unbelievable poverty, maddening corruption, and inert coolie labor. … he believed in the validity of racial judgments. .. HH was blunt about the Chinese – harsh experience had taught him to be skeptical of “illusion, for example, that China could soon become an enormous market for Western goods: such a view, he warned, ignored the “utter poverty” of most Chinese, “a grinding mass of poverty unmatched by anything known in the Occident.” ..”While along the coast one sees some Chinese houses in which a European would deign to live, I can assure you that you can travel for days in the interior among hovels and caves in which we would not like to harbor our animals. .. Industrial yellow peril .. intrinsic honesty, consciousnesses in service, foreign to the Chinese mind. 505-7
  • 1901, Russia: with a feudal aristocracy at the top, a mass of peasants below, and scarcely a middle class in between. 505
  • 1901, England – an old man country 508
    • toss picnic garbage into the river 507
    • the ruling oligarchy: talented class, 20% of pop …
    • an old man country 508
    •   ..
  • $$ money salary “If a man has not made a fortune by 40, he is not worth much.” 509  “After all, the dollar is the counter of the game-and to have it shows that you have played the game successfully.” 510 
  • “Just making money isn’t enough.” 513
  • 1906, Parliament House of the Forest of Dean, ancient miners gathered to govern themselves 498
  • 1906-16, brothers and wives were theater goers 499
  • 1907, red house on Horton Street, Kensington
  • $2,000 a year to rent 500
  • 1908, departure fm Moreing – his engineering firm 503; 509 ” .. stop making money and take up a life of service in America” 510 
  • 1909-12,  elected a member clubs: Albemarle, Hurlingham, Members, and Royal Automobile 499 established an office in San Francisco 503
  • 1910, Korea 498 progress Republican; contributed to TR campaign 503 
  • 1910.8.25, President Taft – U.S. Bureau of Mines; $100k income 510-1
  • 1911, Kyshtim 498 returning to US in about 12 month 503
  • 1912.2, Paris, Rome, Florence, Cannes, and Venice 498  elected to Pacific Union Club and Bohemian 503
  • 1913, rent a house built in 1550 in Shakespeare’s town, Stratford-on-Avon; 497 visited St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Kyshtim 498 purchased a lot in Bay area 504
  • 1913-4, his mining biz based in London grew 503 his engineering friends tried to secure Governor of CA for him 510

% cheat

2015.03.30: married couple with extra affairs

Google: survey on couple having extramarital affair

  1. Dear Peggy
  2. Huff Post
  3. NBC News 22% cheated guess that 44% men 36% women
  4. Forbes 15%-18% .. Sherry Hite 70% women
  5. Japan Today 10.8% women

another search

2009.06.29, Just How Many Spouses Cheat?70% of women

Then forget it. We have nothing to talk about.

 paco723paco [9:23 P.M.]:  There?
Irene Eng [9:23 P.M.]: yes
Auto response from paco723paco [9:23 P.M.]:  We just sent your IM via text message. Learn more paco723paco [9:27 P.M.]:  What’ve u doing?
Irene Eng [9:28 P.M.]: almost finishing up chapter 1 of concubine
Irene Eng [9:28 P.M.]: did u read the porn book yet?
paco723paco [9:38 P.M.]:  Not yet. U know I work right? 🙂
Irene Eng [9:41 P.M.]: but my work is more important, you know that right?
paco723paco [9:42 P.M.]:  Only under some conditions that u accept
Irene Eng [9:42 P.M.]: like what?
paco723paco [9:42 P.M.]:  No more mean actions
paco723paco [9:43 P.M.]:  Talk sexy
paco723paco [9:43 P.M.]:  Send pictures.
Irene Eng [9:43 P.M.]: beside the posting, what else did I do you deemed as ‘mean’?
paco723paco [9:43 P.M.]:  Only when u accept, can u become important.
Irene Eng [9:44 P.M.]: beside the posting, what else did I do you deemed as ‘mean’? ??
paco723paco [9:44 P.M.]:  The email u sent
Irene Eng [9:45 P.M.]: what email???
paco723paco [9:46 P.M.]:  The mean one. About hypocrisy and all that
Irene Eng [9:46 P.M.]: do u still have it? Pls send it back to me.
paco723paco [9:47 P.M.]:  Nope. I didn’t even read the whole thing.
paco723paco [9:47 P.M.]:  Deleted it
Irene Eng [9:47 P.M.]: then how can you determine it was mean? I was telling the truth
paco723paco [9:48 P.M.]:  Then forget it. We have nothing to talk about.

One Sugar Daddy Relationship Gone Horribly Wrong

Cheyenne Poole, a 21-year-old from Indiana, met her sugar daddy, 58-year-old politician Curtis Coonrod, on an online dating site. At first, the arrangement was exactly what she was looking for: she would spend a bit of time with him as friends and he would pay for her rent, clothes, and cell phone. But as things got more physical and he started asking for more time together, Poole wanted out. “He wanted kissing and feeling, and that was something that did not interest me at all,” she told The Indianapolis Star. “But I never wanted to tell him that, just because I didn’t want him to be angry.”

Instead of confronting her sugar daddy about her feelings, she instead plotted with her 24-year-old boyfriend, Ralph Lopez, to rob Coonrod at gunpoint. The scheme started with Poole inviting Coonrod over for dinner. Mid-way through their meeting, Lopez burst through the apartment door and tied Coonrod to a chair while holding a gun to his head. Poole’s plan was to flee the state with Lopez after stopping at an ATM to clear out Coonrod’s bank account. The duo were finally caught, but not before leading police on a high-speed chase in Coonrod’s stolen car. Their court date is scheduled for June 11.


The Indianapolis Star web site Indystar.com, accessed May 9, 2013.

Brion helps me with Faithful

He came to help, we used Faithful 2013-02-15 starting on Thursday, March 21. We go line by line and it helps me a lot to see how a paragraph/sentence should be written.
March 21: till page 10, end of Faith (carrot muffin from Costco)
March 25: pages 11-21 Michael; my little editing afterward. (croissant and two eggs)
March 27: pages 22-42, dental student & Bill Brion, and my editing (croissant and two eggs)
April 1: he went to the auto show and I went to Mets with Richard
April 3: finished Bill to page 41. Word Brion 04-03,
April 8: till page 92, pdf, Word
April 10: till page 125, pdf, Word
April 17: till page 148, pdfWord
May 12: word
May 21: word
July 1: to Robert


An email from a publisher

Hello Irene Eng,
My name is Sean Devine and I am excited to hear that your manuscript “Faithful: The Sugar Baby ” is completed. One of our researchers has discovered your manuscript registration with the Library of Congress and has forwarded your name to me as a possible candidate for publication with our company, Dorrance Publishing.

The first http://storage.ireneeng.com/wp-admin/edit.phpstep in getting your book published with Dorrance is to send us a completed copy of your typed manuscript so that we can review your work and determine if it is something that we would be interested in publishing for you. You will be sent a statement of confidentiality once we have received your manuscript, and you will hear back from one of our Author Relations Representatives a few days after your submission.

The quickest and easiest manner for you to submit your completed work for our review is in a digital format (that is, saved as one file in Microsoft Word, WordPerfect or another commonly used word processing program).

You may submit this digital file by simply clicking on reply to this e-mail and attaching your file. Or, you may save the file to a disk and send it to me via traditional mail.

Dorrance also accepts submissions in a paper format sent via traditional mail. If you choose to send your manuscript on a disk or in a paper format via the traditional mail, please send it to:
Dorrance Publishing
701 Smithfield Street
3rd Floor, Attn: Sean Devine
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

If your manuscript is poetry you should submit at least 12 poems – though you can submit more if you wish.

If you have a children’s book the text portion may only be a few pages. We do have artists on staff to create illustrations for your work.

We look forward to receiving your manuscript for review and to discussing your publishing options!

Sean Devine
Publishing Services Consultant
Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.
701 Smithfield Street, 3rd Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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Dec 27, 2012, 3:35pm

Dear Irene Eng,

I haven’t heard from you or received a copy of “Faithful: The Sugar Baby ” so I wanted to check back in to see if you are interested in submitting your manuscript for our free review.  Our researcher who found your manuscript in the Library of Congress highly recommended your manuscript to be published, but without receiving a copy of your manuscript in full, we cannot move forward. If you are interested in having your manuscript published, you may send a copy of it to me by either regular mail or by email.  If you are sending by email, you may just reply to this message and attach your manuscript.  I look forward to your response and the submission of your manuscript.  Thank you.


Sean Devine

I replied to say that I’ll send over in a few days.

Angie 安琪

Jin called to say Angie is at her home. She is making Peking duck (the skinny duck is good for making soup), and asked me to bring some flour for the creeps. I suddenly thought about $2.99 large flat bread.
Angie is a little chubby 20 years old girl attends School of Visual Art in the city, her second year. She came to US at ago 14 (or 16?). Her dad is the boss of Jin’s brother-in-law in Helongjiang (?)
Ke hasn’t finished the two videos, and has NOT send the pix he took of me at Denise’s house in Sept.
Jin suggested that maybe she has some ideas.
I showed them the two short videos Ke made; also IndieGogo my 2 min video.
Angie said: both videos are too western
Jin prefers things subtle ..
I told them briefly how my concubine story unfold. The first question they both asked was:
What do you want to tell? What’s the message?
Hmmm .. I thought I have a few, but facing their question, (very real and reasonable), I suddenly found my initially ideas are NOT very relevant:
.. discover myself
.. not matter where you’re from, you can make it yourself
.. true love (?)
Thinking hard and fast at that moment, I do not have a clear one.
Jin said that I should mixed with other stories to make it very interesting and exciting .. which Gordon has been saying all along.
Do I want to go that route???

The sea cucumber 海参: left (fat one) 是发过的

Faithful: the first reading of pitch

Had lunch with Brion at Embassy Diner at Bethpage again, ordered their salmon again. Brion showed me his new Lebron James’ $300 sneakers that come out on 9/30/2012 can be had fm China for $73 incl $25 shipping in just five days.

Read my Faithful pitch from iPad at LIWG at Bethpage library. (The library has an open wifi, great). This is what I read. I was nervous in the beginning of the read but calmed down mid way through, gaining confidence because I like what I wrote.

Each of us has a talent. When that talent is discovered, ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Nurse Faith Fu , originally from Hong Kong, leads an unremarkable life with her husband of ten years, Michael, a steady nine-to-five job, a mild-mannered Siberian husky, and an always-in-need-of-repair center-hall colonial with a white picket fence in Brooklyn, one of the boroughs of New York City.

But … that was before she met Sharon Roberts of Los Angeles.

browsing the sugar daddy dating sites Faith inadvertently connects with sugar mommy Sharon who makes an excessive monetary offer Faith reluctantly turns her down because she does not think she can give Sharon her money’s worth. Instead, Faith takes up with Bill, a sugar daddy who break up with Faith a year later.

Just before the New Year, Faith and Sharon unexpectedly rekindle. When Sharon learns that Faith and Michael are going to the Penthouse New Year’s Eve party, in an effort to woo Faith, Sharon secretly mounts an earth shattering production, complete with the hottest names in the porn entertainment world.

Unaware of the extravaganza, faith goes to the party with her husband. As they are ushered into the swanky VIP suite, Faith and Michael are consumed by the atmosphere and smitten by the performers. Before the turning of the New Year, Faith finds herself at the center of attention, becoming the star that not only Sharon tries to pursue but the Penthouse as well. They are so impressed with Faith’s style and her keen appetite for fucking, Penthouse offers her a 7 figure contract and enlists Sharon to recruit her.

The ten-day-long orgy, involving many famous stars from the porn industry and hollywood celebrities is thoroughly exhilarating. It not only sweeps Faith and Michael off their feet, but it gives Faith an opportunity to learn more about herself and Michael, to explore her dark side, to examine their marriage, and ultimately, to find her true passion, which is to perform in front of a crowd and before a camera.

When Sharon finally comes to New York to meet Faith, the couple welcomes her into their home and a Ménage à trois ensues. The crazy sexual escapades mix with tender caring and the trio share a bond that extends beyond a mere fickle dalliance. Sharon even decides to buy a home in New York to be near them.

As the prolong party draws to an end, while she helps Faith to negotiate her contract with Penthouse, Sharon puts on one last surprise. Untimely, Faith’s mom is hospitalized. Faith rushes to Hong Kong to be at her bed side. During the last few days, her mom reveals that Faith was adopted and has four siblings.

Book Two ends after the passing of her mom. Faith returns to New York, takes cares of her marriage and makes a minor career change to pursue what she loves to do the most.

Faithful: the Sugar Baby is the second book of a trilogy. It explores the conflicts of sexuality and morality, love and lust, filial piety and family, and relationship and death.

As for you, the reader, have you discovered what you’re most passionate about? I dare you to search for it and pursue it. Oh, and please don’t forget to let me know the result!

*Mature Content Advisory* This book is intended for adults who enjoy relationships and love sex.

Five key words:

  1. orgasm and choking
  2. Ménage à trois
  3. throuple
  4. sugar daddy
  5. beneficial relationship
  6. making marriage a renewal contract
  7. marriage and sex
  8. wife swapping
  9. hardcore sex,
  10. bored housewife

 RE: KEYWORDS: IMHO add hardcore, sex, bored housewife ::: delete 4. beneficial relationship 5. making marriage a renewal contract 6. marriage and sex


One of the ladies (who published a book 2 years ago .. I remembered .. at the time ..) asked if the Book One will talk about culture .. guess it’s a good point? They said:

  • don’t use real name
  • have a lawyer look before publish
  • PentingHouse as Penthouse
  • no worry, they (Sharon/Faith) will find you once you become famous
  • One guy commented on white picket fence which isn’t too Brooklyn but suburbia; wrought iron fences – it’s my last second change from Queens to Brooklyn – Qns seems so lame -:) .. people at the LIWG said no need to mention it’s part of NYC bec everyone knows ..
  • they love the cover Ke did – out of politeness or really?

Donald Allen who came bit early, commented on Ke’s pic: very commercial, could be for hair, pool, skin lotion, etc.  I told Ke to have biz card and put book cover in his pricing.


Sarah called, shooting for Faithful & Concubine

What a gorgeous day and week!! Great for shooting the book covers and videos for Faithful & Concubine.

Sarah called in the afternoon, we chatted a little.

The day starts pretty hectic: the rental van in the city has 100 miles limit. Don’t know why didn’t I start calling Hertz or Budget last night. I woke up in the morning and started calling. Both offers unlimited mileage. Budget is cheaper, at $97 and Hertz $114, picking up fm LGA – La Guardia Airport. Picking up Jackie – who has no car – and didn’t get home till 11:30am.

The shooting at George’s house was nice ..

Got food from Corner 28, a plate of sushi $30, and 5 dinner boxes fm Cantonese pork/chicken/duck. Kim started eating right away .. Ke, Mei and Chen sat in the back with Mei in the middle. Mike drives, Jackie navigate.

Got to Denise’s house, find the door was locked. She has to call the keeper’s bro to come to open. Clear night. Ke said he saw a shooting star.

Kim said to Ke: I don’t find my butt cute .. I didn’t like that .. but later she sat in the water for a long time till Ke ok it.

My blue Qipao from Shanghai in 2010 is ripped by a girl who didn’t fit. They didn’t tell me other wise I could have fixed it

Everyone works so hard .. I’m very impressed.