Jin Chen church

Angie 安琪

Jin called to say Angie is at her home. She is making Peking duck (the skinny duck is good for making soup), and asked me to bring some flour for the creeps. I suddenly thought about $2.99 large flat bread.
Angie is a little chubby 20 years old girl attends School of Visual Art in the city, her second year. She came to US at ago 14 (or 16?). Her dad is the boss of Jin’s brother-in-law in Helongjiang (?)
Ke hasn’t finished the two videos, and has NOT send the pix he took of me at Denise’s house in Sept.
Jin suggested that maybe she has some ideas.
I showed them the two short videos Ke made; also IndieGogo my 2 min video.
Angie said: both videos are too western
Jin prefers things subtle ..
I told them briefly how my concubine story unfold. The first question they both asked was:
What do you want to tell? What’s the message?
Hmmm .. I thought I have a few, but facing their question, (very real and reasonable), I suddenly found my initially ideas are NOT very relevant:
.. discover myself
.. not matter where you’re from, you can make it yourself
.. true love (?)
Thinking hard and fast at that moment, I do not have a clear one.
Jin said that I should mixed with other stories to make it very interesting and exciting .. which Gordon has been saying all along.
Do I want to go that route???

The sea cucumber 海参: left (fat one) 是发过的

Joe Vee and bmw

Thro me, Jin went to Vee for her 5 series 2006 bmw. He did some work, incl rotor (?) brake pad, etc., totally $800+. But the warning light was on as soon as she began driving out of Vee’s shop, few weeks ago. This Sunday, she was driving home from Flushing and there was a loud sound, the indicator telling her the wheel was out – actually it didn’t. So she took her car to the dealer on East Shore Road here on May 8. The bmw people told her the stuff Vee put in were NOT bmw parts. She went to Vee today and was told they’re genuine parts, it’s the bmw people trying to milk more $$ out of her. It doesn’t sit well with me, I’m really curious to see who’s lying.

Jin Chen

We set to play some tennis in the morning on Tuesday but it rained out last Tue and it did this morning too. We’ll try to meet up on Tuesdays, to talk out about stuff, exchange ideas.

I told her about Shaosen borrowing $ bec she said she might be willing to give him another chance, meet again.

May 16, she wants to visit Atlantic City newest casino, we’ll leave by 5:30am to drop off her daughter then go.

Suggested that I take up pen name, write stories that’s eye catchy or even shocking, in Chinese, to gain followers. Now I’m too 务实 deal with concrete matters relating to work.

I told her I got her tickets to the US Open, she wants 2. I got 4, initially for the Hos and she .. so now .. don’t know. The promotional tickets were sold by pairs, either 2 or 4.

She talked about the charitable foundation again – hoping to finish it by Sept 1. Wanting to create extend a platform that can extend to her daughters which I agree: helping the kids. Get them involved and there maybe something they can do as career later on.

Title for my Chinese blog:
胡言乱语【húyánluànyǔ】 talk nonsense; rave.
异想天开【yìxiǎngtiānkāi】 indulge in the wildest fantasy; have a very fantastic idea.

She asked what did I write, I told her about the short story I wrote about Peter and the media consultant.
“What’s your point in writing this?” She asked. .. too late; if it were 80s or 90s people would read. Not now.

However, she likes my idea writing about my classmates, what it was in 80s and what and hwere they’re now.

She said short story is very difficult to write. Long novel is far easier.