Li hongzhang

old photographs is their poignancy

  1. 陈晓楠 (1974- ) 人大附; hair and cloth are bad
  2. Modern cityscape … Sex district in Amsterdam -:)
  3. missed asking for bond in a bank in Paris
  4. not visiting hotel Waldorf Astoria
  5. Grant’s residence
  6. not sure NYT had the most cover
  7. West Point
  8. Gordon tried to kill LHZ
  9. If the director used Zhou Fu at the end, then the above details should have been included 李道豫 Li Daoyu (state dept)
  10. Chinese archives are limited .. why this documentary is shallow?


  • 10:20 tea house
  • 15:00 kooky Li steal 宝石 in museum
  • 16:13 stamped, crowds about 200k people
  • 16:40 LHZ “I won’t report it to the emperor for such small incident” 你们这些人不会做官
  • 18:00 Bismarck
  • 26:00 Krupp treated LHZ among their best clients
  • 27:25 Holland.. Firework text wishing long live LHZ; sex district?
  • 29:00 Belgium
  • 30:00 canons, weapons
  • 31:30 German foreign office
  • 34:00 richest were French (?)
  • 36:00 gold bars in bank
  • 38:30 no more kowtow after Treaty of Tianjin
  • 38:52 the same tulip?
  • 39:00 opium, UK
  • 42:20 London, more into material than the system of the country
  • 44:00 Gordon
  • 46:22 New York
  • 47:51 man said NYT has more than 2,800 items under LHZ when he searched
  • Grant
  • 55:00 Gary Locke, dabbed
  • 56:20 LHZ on anti Chinese exclusion act
  • 57:00 rtn to China fm canada
  • 58:01 back in China
  • 1:02:22 boxer rebellion
  • 1:07:20 Zhou Fu
  • 1:08:00 USA half staff
  • 1:08:20 LHZ [great grandson (?)  玄孙]  侄孙 李 畅


Got ticket for Ke Ke to China from Coco at 718.353.0898 (who’s also from Shandong, refereed to me by Shaosen) at $885. Shaosen paid cash for me I transferred to his (Chemical Bank a/c 101-332769 opened in 1993 on Main Street!) Chase. We laughed at the memory of Chemical Bank branch on Main Street back then. The April 3-19 is $885 but if were Ke’s previous schedule April 6-23 would have been $1210. Thank lord he chose the cheaper one.

Jen said she will have meeting with Shaosen soon after I mentioned Shaosen. They both wondered each others worthiness/position 定位 in my project.

Salim said

I’m not sure how successful he’s be because I didnt’ get the feeling that he knows what he’s doing.
[4:11:30 PM] Salim Ling 绍立: If he wants to be a vendor, then he should have at least look at our web site to see what we sell. The presentation he sent has nothing to do with our business.
[4:12:14 PM] Salim Ling 绍立: Also, any knowledgeable company in the market for ZTE type of products, and want to “private label”, won’t go through a trading company in the U.S.
I don’t want to insult your friend but there’s something wrong with his approach to business.

That’s another thing I forgot to mention. Selling what he’s trying to sell is highly technical, both pre-sale and post-sale support. It is not for someone who just think he’ll get into the business one day and be able to sell it the next.

He sells datacom equipment and chemicals. Unlikely serious buyer of telecom equipemnt will buy from such a trader.

Then Salim added

You don’t want to force advice onto someone who doesn’t ask for it. It is not polite.
[6:41:19 PM] Salim Ling 绍立: If he think he can use advice and would like to contact me on that basis, then I’ll be happy to talk to him …. because he’s your friend.

Jen’s 14 years old daughter Cordelia is on the waiting list to Lawenceville in NJ, she asked if Pupmkin wants to tutor for Cordelia;s April 21 exam. She applied 5 top boarding schools without any safety. And just got waiting list yesterday from Laweneville (near Princeton).

4th meeting with Ke

Jen asked to have a meeting with Ke only, just the 3 of us, NO Shaosen, she specifically mentioned.

The meeting ran for 5 hours, 1-6. She decided to form a foundation (梦想成真 文化教育 .. 梦,想成真 ..) and support the early stage of my project. Her back and forth, as she puts it, was due to her initially dislike of Li Hongzhang but she likes to do something culturally and would like to support my project as to fulfill my dream. Hope we’ll work well enough to continue the relationship

As for Ke – what does he want out of this, Jen forced that out of him: nothing out of ordinary: looking for chance in NY and trying to further his career. He said many foreign companies charge a sky high fees in China to produce content not much higher than the locals .. so he hopes he could be that foreign company to do well in China. He had a 5-year relationship, but she asked out. As director, the development is slow and she didn’t have the patient. He said he understood and didn’t blame her – Jen picked on it as him being kind.

We went to see movie: Bending the Rule (lousy movie, very American, shallow .. )

Computer crushed

My Dell desktop PC has serious virus infections that it begins to shot down automatically at frequent interval since last Friday. I brought a SanDisk 32 GB USB flush stick from Radio Shake for $38 but the Dell won’t acknowledges it. So went to BestBuy to get WD (Western Digital) 750 GB for $100.
As if I have nothing else better to do!!

Ke and I worked on promotional draft

I went to Ke Ke’s apartment because the draft I sent wasn’t right:
His first greeting was: would you like to pay for air so I can go to China filming with you.
Jen Jin has long talk with me in the evening. She didn’t like Shaosen. Mentioned $ check again. She said she worried about the two kids: she didn’t know what do they want out of this. I need to protect myself.
I showed NYT newspaper research to Ke who seemed really surprised to see those kind of undertaking: the scanning of old newspaper.

A Separation

While I was revising the script for Ke Ke and re-write the letter to Waldorf for an interview, Jen Jin called to see a movie. Ya it’s Tuesday, free movie day. She said her usual friend who arrange the movie has gone to China. She asked how are we doing, and said I should go out and take a look what’s out there. I have always been sheltered at home and don’t know the real world, which is true. She mentioned her foundation and wanted to have me ..
We went to Manhasset to see A Separation, Iranian drama by writer-director Asghar Farhadi. We didn’t finish because her daughter came home unexpectedly early. Boring is first word comes to mind. 123 minutes long. It’s too long and too slow.
Had long chat with Zhang Zhongyan 张忠艳 on Saturday on QQ, March 3, talking about Yishi’s birthday, we ended up thinking to have a class birthday in April.

Breaking up

Jen Jin 金晨 called this morning to say .. sorry thank you but no thanks.

She said she brought a check (later disclosed/mentioned its $5,000) but didn’t get an answer from them, as what did you want out of this project when the two kids gone silent. She like 开诚布公 speak frankly and sincerely. “You’re trying to learn to run without knowing how to walk .. ”
“You haven’t finished a single thing yet .. ” no books ..
“I went on to your site to read .. thought you could have a position in my foundation to handle writing ..”
“Your husband silently supported you all those years .. two kids heading to college .. ”
“I watched your video twice .. if you tried harder you could align the voice over better .. ”
“I enjoyed the few weeks we worked together .. ”
“I like you as a person but your project doesn’t fire me up ..”
“Your family stories are interesting .. ”
“I 我看事看的很准 ..”
“I called you at 3pm yesterday after I’m done with my own stuff to see if you’re still going .. but guess you’re done.” – she did call at 3.

She felt Shaosen didn’t agree with her but won’t speak up – she likes a good argument.

.. either she’s a really great at those or she’s great con artist: I felt so out of her league. Golfer said don’t trust people to easily but I always do!

Golfer gave me a huge – I felt very sad.

Jen Mao has been diligently helping me ..

Ascel Zing called me on March 1, said Paul passed away while on court in Jamaica. They just took their daughter to JFK that morning for Duke.

2nd meeting .. at home

We planned to meet at Shaosen’s office but due to Jen’s tight schedule, we changed it to my home. She came late and left early. She said I should be the first name on writing, etc. 策划? She said she needs to 把关 for me.

Shaosen expressed his reservation orally after the first meeting: what’s her value in this? He thinks Jen has 虚荣心 .. Jen gave big speech and held court. Two kids were impressed I think. Michael said nothing and ate nothing. Ke Ke has some dumpling and porridge. She told some stories and current events, again, I don’t recognize most the names she mentioned. She pointedly said, what are in for those two kids, and asked what do you want out of this? Two kids said nothing.

When the meeting was over, Shaosen gently mentioned that he wasn’t impressed by Jen but Ke said she’s fine – she certainly know how to communicate and put up a good show. She did mention in the past that she wants to learn English to repress herself better.

Ke said we need to have a working schedule .. which we did. I need to finish writing few pieces.

Golf took a day off, said hello to them then left to ice skate.

Got my ticket to China with AA, April 2-20, JFK via Chicago to Beijing, Shanghai (1 night at LAX) JFK $807.

Meeting Michael

Jennifer Jin and I planned to go to Rockefeller Center for 1pm free ice skating show. It rained so we didn’t go. I left the car Jetta with Joe Vee for the flat tire ($120) I had at the St Johns last Thursday (2/23) on my way to Erwin’s 8.0 match (Luckily Tom and I won handsomely). We had meeting with Shaosen at his office at 11am. Then called Ke Ke to join us for lunch at the Food Court.

Jen and Shao talked about a lot. Such as 阳春白雪 – surprisingly the NJStar has the translation: the Spring Snow (a melody of the elite in the State of Chu); highbrow art and literature. 换位思考 .. 宰熟 .. Just listen to them is a great learning experience. 报告记录文学? 纪实文学?

Jen said we should try to participate the White House Asian film initiative – which turned out March 1 is the last day to cast vote. That’s why we came home with Ke. Drop off Pumpkin, Jen then I went back to Flushing to meet with Michael Chan in McDonald on Roosevelt Avenue opposite from Macy’s.

Heathen Son

Ok, something ticked today, as I was getting into a shower, I thought about the plots Heathen son could have:
Court intrigue
Westerns in China
Missionary – religions

What more could a movie ask for?

King’s Speech came to mind in that the historical events were lightly touched up but served only as a side shows.  Golfer also mentioned at dinner that he liked Clint Eastwood’s Grant Torino that he tried to draw the Asian into a film, how both sides felt toward each other.

Went to see the 5:10 This is a War with Reese Witherspoon who’s so ugly but the movie is clever, action, romance and comedy.

Ke Ke called. I missed one of his emails: his movie postponed to end of April becasue school doesn’t like his too commercial flavor movie. Good that he called.

Ron Smith emailed back the following day

Sounds big budget to me… I like it.

3rd call to Li Lusheng

  • 2/23 – played my 2nd 8.0 match and won. Had flat tire by St. Johns.
  • 2/24 – University of Maryland gave Sarah $48,000 over 4 years; Jen Jin with daughter Cornelia and Jen Mao came to hot pot dinner;
  • 2/27 – Spoke with Li Lusheng, Shen Lu 申露 a 20 years old girl who QQ’ed with me.  Li Lusheng wanted to donate family tree to Salt Lake city genealogy organization.  Joe Ma who lived in LA for 15 years but now stationed in Yangzhou – he’s from Yangzhou; his mom lives there (泰达 Joe did mentioned Tianjin); Li Yanxin who said will go to Yangzhou with me.

Jen and Jen

I may be lucky one more time:

  • Feb 17: Jennifer Jin-Chen went to visit Keke on location at 235 Berry Street in Brooklyn, NY 11221 with me. We had dinner with Anqi Liu and Shen Hanzhang at EverGreen. We were the last table to leave. Kate’s twin sons were there watching Jeromy Lin (unfortunately Knicks lost, ending their 7 game winning streak). Jen Jin was thinking of going to LA but her leg was bothering her and it rained. I joked: I prayed every hour for the rain. IF she didn’t come with me to the location, I don’t think I could get Keke to agree ..
  • Feb 18: Jennifer Mao pulled her calf playing tennis at Whitney Pond park. I’ve asked for her help and she said ok.

We should go over the stuff and then I can start entering the data. I have more time now while I can’t playing tennis. Otherwise I can’t resist the temptation of playing when the weather is nice or someone calls me. haha

Paula Chan

Host To The World, video trailer, small

Feb 21:

Dear Irene,
The Waldorf=Astoria Hotel produced the exhibition space and history movie Host to the World in 2008 and these materials made their debuts in 2009 – so much after 1986.
I hope your blog and documentary are going well – we look forward to seeing both once they are finished.
All best regards,

Feb 18:

Dear Paula
Since when the exhibit of Li Hongzhang began to display at the Warldorf (I think the little history area is called Window of the World?), before 1986 or after?
Thank you

Jan 4

Dear Ms. Eng,
I’m glad I could help – please feel free to include the photograph in your blog and documentary.
If you can, I’d greatly appreciate your linking to our digital archive:
I’d also like to encourage you to share with us the final products (both blog and documentary) – I’d love to have copies for our records.
Again, thanks so much for your interest, and best of luck with your project!
Paula Chan

In a message dated 1/4/2012 10:20:59 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:
Dear Ms. Eng,
I’m glad I could help – please feel free to include the photograph in your blog and documentary.
If you can, I’d greatly appreciate your linking to our digital archive:
I’d also like to encourage you to share with us the final products (both blog and documentary) – I’d love to have copies for our records.
Again, thanks so much for your interest, and best of luck with your project!
Paula Chan

From: []
Sent: Tuesday, January 03, 2012 5:30 PM
To: Paula Chan
Subject: Re: The Waldorf Astoria in 1896
Thank you so much for a speedy reply Ms. Chan.
Do I have your permission to use it in my blog and in a short documentary? I will give proper credit to your hotel.
Thank you.

Subject: The Waldorf Astoria in 1896

In a message dated 1/3/2012 4:18:37 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:
Dear Ms. Eng,
Thank you for your interest in the Waldorf=Astoria archival collections. From 1893 through 1928 the Waldorf was located at Fifth Avenue (where the Empire State Building now stands), and unfortunately we have retained very little documentation pertaining to guests of the original Hotel.
However, a photograph of your relative was included as part of the 1943 “A Half-Century with The Waldorf=Astoria” retrospective.
I’ve attached the file to this email:
[China_20111219_001]: “Li Hung Chang, Viceroy of China, leaving The Waldorf in August 1896”
And here is the item record for future reference:
I hope this helps, and, again, thank you for thinking of us.
Paula Chan

Jan 3, 2012

Dear Ms. Chan,
I’m interested in the archives of Viceroy Li Hung-chang visiting New York in 1896 when he stayed at Waldorf. Please let me know if you have any documents and pictures. Li’s part of my family.
My phone is 516.655.1030
Thank you
Happy New Year