MacBook Air

Mother’s Day fm Sarah $1,199 256 GB ($999 for 128 GB) – replaced on July 16:

  • $1,199, 13″ 256 gb on 2018.5.10; replaced fvfwwe09j1wl on 2018.7.16 ($1,139.48
  • starting up
  • specs @ $1,199 256gb; $999/128gb – B&H: $999/256gb 
    • Capacity: 250.79 GB (250,790,436,864 bytes)Model Name: MacBook Air
      Model Identifier: MacBookAir7,2
      Processor Name: Intel Core i5
      Processor Speed: 1.8 GHz
      Number of Processors: 1
      Total Number of Cores: 2
      L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB
      L3 Cache: 3 MB
      Memory: 8 GB
      Boot ROM Version: MBA71.0176.B00
      SMC Version (system): 2.27f2
      Serial Number (system): FVFWWE09J1WL
      Hardware UUID: 172BEE82-EBC0-5846-AA6B-C8AF205324F1..
  • ..


Sarah; Ruby

Went to a movie Sarah had a minor part; to the bathroom in the movie house. Two toilets in one room Gordon used one then he left, the seats have flowerbprint. Then Sarah has a celebratory party in a Chinese restaurant. I didn’t find them but find Ruby who was getting food (puffit). I said to come visit me. I went down stair to look for Sarah texting her “where are you” her principle saw from behind me, said they’re at the restaurant next to the movie.

The text and image message history of the WeChat group “80级人大附海外群” is as follows.
————— 2017-11-10 —————

娄玉 11:37 PM
高兴又见到@叶如茵 [Grin]

实 11:45 PM

————— 2017-11-11 —————

叶如茵 5:15 AM

叶如茵 12:44 PM
@吴宏 真是的,时间过得太快

————— 2017-11-13 —————

jin严进英 10:30 PM
@娄玉 @叶如茵 在什么地方见的呀?叶如茵你一点都没有变,比小的时候更漂亮了,更苗条了。有没有机会到加州来呀?如果有机会到洛杉矶,欢迎到我们这来作客。

叶如茵 10:33 PM
@jin严进英 谢谢了,有机会一定找你

jin严进英 10:35 PM
@叶如茵 你现在还在美国吗?

叶如茵 10:36 PM

jin严进英 10:37 PM

————— 2017-11-14 —————

叶如茵 5:02 PM
@jin严进英 一定

jin严进英 5:03 PM
@叶如茵 [Grin]


airbnb $1,645 April 3 – May 1.  We’ve dinner at Tang

  • April 10, 2017
  • $43.15 (DC is about $27) this includes $6 night shift – can ask for different shift after 1 yr
  • payroll title is Clinical Nurse I – Pump said next level is over $100k
  • non-exempt, career employee at 90%.
  • relocation assistance up to $2000
  • more here: 2/3 off tuition; free dental/vision; 3 weeks vacations; 13 holidays; 12 sick days
  • ..

From: Sarah Eng <>
Date: December 19, 2016 at 17:44:03 EST
To: Ji Chul Kim <>
Subject: Fwd: UCLA Health – Sarah L. Eng

Begin forwarded message:

From: “Stacey G. Sims By UCLA Health System Human Resources” <>;
Date: December 19, 2016 at 17:29:45 EST
Subject: UCLA Health – Sarah L. Eng
Reply-To: “Stacey G. Sims” <>


Sarah Eng
7 Saint George Road
Great Neck, NY 11021

Dear Sarah,

Congratulations on becoming a part of UCLA Health! On behalf of Patty McCafferty with 8 West Med Surg Unit at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, I am pleased to confirm our offer of employment. This letter outlines the basic terms of your employment.

Your payroll title is Clinical Nurse I. You will be a non-exempt, career employee at 90%. Your rate of pay will be $43.15/hourly, to be paid bi-weekly. You will work 12 hour night shifts. This position is represented by the California Nurses Association. University policy requires a 6-month probationary period.

Your first day of employment will be April 10, 2017, on which you will attend the new employee orientation “Day One: It Begins With U” from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm. You will receive a detailed email on the location the week before your start date. That week, you will also attend nursing orientation (Tuesday through Friday) followed by CareConnect training the following Monday. You will receive a more detailed schedule of your first week at hospital orientation.

You will also attend an orientation specific to your department. Patty McCafferty will provide you with the department’s orientation schedule; you may contact her at

Beginning your first day as a University employee you will be eligible to participate in a full range of employee benefits, which include health, dental, vision and life insurance, and a retirement savings program. Full benefits information can be found on the University of California’s website

Along with your offer you are eligible for relocation assistance up to $2000 with receipts in your name. The relocation packet includes: One-way airfare from original residence to Los Angeles, Ca.; gasoline receipts while in transit or mileage (18 cents per mile); food receipts while in transit; one way moving rental; personal shipping receipts (which must be dated 10 days prior to the hire date and within 30 days after hire date), first month’s rent with proof of payment and rental agreement.

UCLA Health is required by federal law to verify the identity and work authorization of all new employees. Accordingly, this offer of employment is contingent upon the satisfactory proof of your identity and legal right to work in the United States, and the clearance of a UCLA Health conducted Live Scan background check, reference check and pre-employment physical and drug screen. A current, valid California nursing license must be presented and verified prior to your first day of employment. Official transcripts and/or original diploma from a registered nursing program must be provided upon hire.

On behalf of everyone at UCLA Health, we look forward to having you as part of the UCLA team!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your recruitment coordinator, Luz Bernardino, at 310-825-7395 or email at

To accept or decline this offer please follow this link:

Best wishes,

Stacey Sims
Consultant, Talent Acquisition
UCLA Health
CC: Patty McCafferty

4 branches at NHS @ Georgetown

We’d a little talk as we walked to library, picking up some of the books I requested.

NHS – School of Nursing & Health Studies

Bachelor of Science:

That her 4th yr roommate Michelle (tall; white stepdad) is attending Harvard to get a master degree but eventually she wants to be a medical doctor – which, medical schools are likely to consider her first for her background – who can change the health system rather than just being a doctor.

Kids … an unhappy dinner

  • Sarah: You never asked
  • Kevin: I dont know if I want to be a parent

We’d an unpleasant dinner conversation … then Kev came down and told me I shouldn’t have opened the conversation at dinner the way I did: “… saying I need lose weight isn’t conducive. You’re upset about the situation and took it on Sarah … You’d apologize to Sarah too.”

What did I say that’s wrong???

Very sorry kids if I said something too harsh, which I clearly didn’t mean. I wish to help but don’t know how. I didn’t grow up with a parent and still don’t know how to be one. I wish you’d like to talk to me more often, give me an opportunity? I hope you’d consider to be a parent, just in case get lucky like I did? I love you guys unconditionally.

2016-08-09 (3) 2016-08-09 (2) image

nurse @ USC, Sean Zhang fm Cecilia, City of Hope coh

both kids aren’t reaching for anything. She came down and said, “I can’t apply because I don’t have license.” She won’t think outside of the box that is slow respond from CA for RN is state wide, not just her problem. She said she’s the only one hasn’t found a job, and the only one aiming at California.

IMG_3971 IMG_3963