his first interview

Screenshot 2016-08-10 13.19.38With 4th Row Films: “Went pretty well. They’ll call me back late next week.” It’s not major power house but just because the film major kids have no other options, so they’ve to do unpaid internship, 3-4 months or 14 weeks.

What exactly would you be doing?

“Post production; more technical part. I won’t mind doing copy editing.”

My eyes lighted up.

“You like to write?”

“Yes, I always do.”

“Why don’t you help to write book, we’ll share the profit?”

“Sure, send me synopsis.”


Kids … an unhappy dinner

  • Sarah: You never asked
  • Kevin: I dont know if I want to be a parent

We’d an unpleasant dinner conversation … then Kev came down and told me I shouldn’t have opened the conversation at dinner the way I did: “… saying I need lose weight isn’t conducive. You’re upset about the situation and took it on Sarah … You’d apologize to Sarah too.”

What did I say that’s wrong???

Very sorry kids if I said something too harsh, which I clearly didn’t mean. I wish to help but don’t know how. I didn’t grow up with a parent and still don’t know how to be one. I wish you’d like to talk to me more often, give me an opportunity? I hope you’d consider to be a parent, just in case get lucky like I did? I love you guys unconditionally.

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talking about games

  1. King has a really good hair cut yesterday at Cool
  2. he’s waiting for Tristan, watched Counter Strike game on tv with Roku – it’s won by a Turkish team. My goodness. Aren’t they all busy fighting wars? And educated me on the games.
    1. Dota (2015 prize money was $18 mil) – more internationally played
    2. Counter Strike
    3. Starcraft
  3. all these games are developed by American companies – wealth that enable the Americans to develop.
  4. He’s going to Montreal 8.17, to attend Starcraft 2.
  5. One game is particularly popular with Koreans – the top 10 players are Korean – because they don’t have much pass time and the government had just mandated Internet.


magic card game King Kev


  • 7 types of card. 6 commonly used
    • land
    • creature
    • sorcery
    • instant
    • enchantment
    • artifact
  • color
    • white mana – good, justice, law, community, healing, protection – solider, pagasus, angels, 1984
    • blue: knowledge, science, scientist, wizard, made of ice or water, color of flight, bird, ships; forward thinking
    • black: at its best, at worst evil; life and death; want to win at any cost
    • red: at its best, caring, reckless, hateful; fire, passion, fast, aggressive
    • green: creatures, not concern morality; harmony, reproduction, doggie dog; life and death;
  • 0/0 attack/defense
  • mana – life force, energy,
    • white mana – justice, law, community, healing, protection – solider, pagasus, angels,
  • drew 7 cards to start the game (40% land = 3 lands )
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